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Seungyoon shares preparations for ‘PASSAGE’, “Just trust and follow your ‘captain’!”

With just 3 days before his first solo concert ‘PASSAGE’, Seungyoon personally revealed things to look forward to which will excite fans more as the wait for the most anticipated event.

Kang Seungyoon will hold his solo concert ‘YG PALM STAGE-2021 YOON: PASSAGE’ both online and offline at the Olympic Hall in Bangi-dong, Seoul on November 21st. As it is a concert that culminates 10 years of his music journey, it is an occasion with a special meaning.

On the 18th, through a VCR making video, Kang Seungyoon said, “The concept of this VCR shooting is the emptiness or despair one can feel in their daily lives. And I tried expressing the emotions of trying to overcome those through nature to find a sense of freedom.” He continued, “I prepared a lot of powerful and new stages,” he said. “Just trust and follow your ‘captain’!”

Q. It’s your first solo concert since your debut. I bet it feels different.

KSY. It’s exciting and fascinating. Although I’ve performed on countless stages, during this time, it’s a concert with just my name. It’s “Kang Seungyoon”’s concert. It made me think about the music life I’ve walked so far. I wanted to praise myself, “You worked hard to come this far!” (laughs) I will take everything out and show you guys a performance beyond your imaginations.

Q. I think the audience must be excited to be able to meet you after so long. The offline tickets were sold out in just about one minute.

KSY. I think artists can’t survive just on their own. I’m a person who believes music is completed when people listen to it, so I’m happy every time I can feel the breath of my fans. I think a lot of people are really looking forward to it, not just me. It’s not an easy situation, so we become more desperate to see each other, and will jump at the chance to meet. We’re gonna run and play properly, of course, while sticking closely to the quarantine rules in place. (laughs) I hope you applaud passionately in place of cheering.

Q. It must be a totally new experience to meet the global fans through online streaming.

KSY. We’re all sharing the same time. We’ve made every effort to make sure the people who are watching online feel like they’re 100% at the concert venue. I put in a lot of effort with the live band sound. There’s also the multi view function. I think it’ll be fun and fresh to use different devices to enjoy the stage.

Q. How was the process of preparing?

KSY. Continuous heart fluttering and excitement? It’s my first solo concert so I have a lot of affection for it. I participated in everything – concept, production, props, song arrangement. I didn’t realise I was so excited that I gave a lot of my opinions at every meeting we had. It was a busy time but it wasn’t hard at all. When I practice with the band I get so immersed it’s almost like there’s an audience in front of me.

Q. Is there a difference between WINNER’s concert and solo Kang Seungyoon’s concert?

KSY. They’re not distinguishable. I’m at every moment, WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon. I think when it comes to my solo music the message I try to convey is a bit darker but I’ll be grateful if you look upon that as the expanded world of Kang Seungyoon. Also how I’ll lead (the concert) for 2 hours without the members. I used all my energy to prepare a variety of genres and a stage without gaps.

Q. If you had to pick a point you paid special attention to?

KSY. I focused on the music I’ve done during all this time. I’ve prepared songs that people will be glad to hear (again?) and also songs that you can only see at a concert. There’s also a different kind of fun because all the songs have been arranged with a live band. I felt this during rehearsals, but the sound goes really well with my vocals. (laughs) If I had to point out one song in particular, it would be from my first full album ‘PAGE’. It tells the story of how ICs complete my identity and the story of the past 10 years. I’ll hope you’ll be able to feel my sincerity in that moment.

Q. You have Song Minho as a guest at your concert. I think it’ll be a big present for fans who are waiting for WINNER to be on stage.

KSY. Even though we’re having our own solo concerts, aren’t we still WINNER in the end? I wanted to give the fans another present. There wasn’t even a discussion. It was just something we would of course agree to do. It’s the maknae line that has gotten together after a long time. There’s also another really special guest. It’s someone who has a very special relationship with me. I’m really looking forward to their performance as well as the musical synergy we will show together.

Q. If you had to describe this concert with one phrase.

KSY. Just like the concert name – ‘PASSAGE’. It’a new paragraph (passage) in my life, as well as a passage that links the audience to the music that artist Kang Seungyoon will unfold. From songs that you’ll fall deep into the emotions of, to songs that you can run and have fun to, we’ve prepared all sorts of intense stages so i hope you can enjoy them all.

Q. Lastly, a word to the fans.

KSY. I’ve finally come to find you all through a solo concert. I’m so excited every day and I can’t wait to meet you all. Even though there are many restrictions, I think we’ll still be able to share a deep connection. Just trust and follow your ‘captain’!

Source: Osen
Translated by @4winnr

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