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As social media continue to be a powerful tool of communication in this day and age, posting on SNS like Twitter and YouTube has become an essential part of an artist’s promotion. A celebrity’s popularity and influence are now hugely based on online social engagements and activity, not just within his homeland but on a worldwide scale.

This guide will help Seungyoon gain social media presence as well as contribute to his standing in various social charts like Next Big Sound, Brand Reputation Ranking, Billboard’s Social 50, Gaon Social Chart and more. This will help in promoting Seungyoon to casual netizens too!

Next Big Sound is a New York-based company which provides analytics for online music. The company analyses the popularity of musicians in social networks, streaming services, and radio. It bases its Social Metrics from the following:

From Kang Seungyoon’s Next Big Sound page as of February 17, 2021

The Billboard Social 50 is a popularity chart which ranks the most active musical artists on the world’s leading social networking services. Its data, published by Billboard magazine and compiled by Next Big Sound, is based collectively on each artist’s weekly additions of friends, fans and followers, along with artist website views and streaming media. (As of December 2020, Billboard will not be publishing the Social 50 chart for an undetermined period of time as they transition to a new data partner.)

(Kpop) Brand Reputation Rankings are monthly lists released by the Korean Business Research Institute. The rankings are determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes.

Gaon Social Chart, part of Gaon Music Chart, is a weekly chart which ranks the top 50 South Korean musical artists according to their popularity from data based on the digital platforms VLive, Mubeat, SMR, Mycelebs, and YouTube.

Search online platforms. Visit his Artist Profile pages. Follow & Subscribe to his official Social pages & channels.

Official Seungyoon Accounts

Official WINNER Accounts

Twitter Hashtags, Retweets & Mentions

These 3 actions contribute to social charts especially Next Big Sound.

  1. Retweet @official_yoon_’s posts
  2. Interact by replying to @official_yoon_’s posts
  3. Make it a habit to include at least these hashtags + mention Seungyoon in your tweets:
#KANGSEUNGYOON #강승윤 @official_yoon_

*Good to have:

#위너 @yginnercircle

*Can add:


Fast way to tag in tweets?

For iOS: Settings > General > Keyboard & Text replacement > Type in the text 

For Android: System > Language & Input > More Input Methods > Personal Dictionary

For Samsung: Settings > General management > Language and input > Samsung keyboard > Predictive text > Text shortcuts

Sign up on Naver

Go to and click “Sign-up”.

For Desktop:

For Mobile:

Agree & confirm to Terms & Policies.

Fill out the necessary information required.

A welcome message will appear on your screen when once you’ve successfully made an account.

Like & Share Naver Articles

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Go to and log in with your Naver account.

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