Melon Tutorial

Melon is the biggest and most widely used music online store in Korea with a market share of about 40%. Its chart could be considered a relatively good indicator of what the general public listens to.

On July 6, 2020 KST, Melon officially made a change to it’s realtime chart. The chart is now calculated based on streaming (40%) and downloads (60%) from the past 24 hours, rather than the past hour. In addition, the chart no longer shows ranking numbers, graphs, nor the fluctuation of rankings.

Currently, Melon requires all accounts to be verified by a Korean phone number for streaming to be eligible. The below tutorial is made for ICs with active verified accounts or those with rented verified accounts.

You can rent verified accounts for 30 days! Make use of these Regional Group Orders for Melon to buy your streaming pass and rental verified accounts if needed. We recommend buying the 30 days streaming pass with at least 1 song download if you can.

Are song downloads on MelOn is important?
Yes !! One song download is equivalent to 100 streams in stream counts! Plus downloads from the last 24 hours account for 60% of the new Melon Chart! But note that each account can only download a song once – multiple downloads of a song will not be counted multiple times.

Also, only download when the fanbase guides you to! Usually downloads are done in concert with everyone downloading together to boost the chart positions ! 🙂

A pro-tip if you are lost with the Korean at any of the steps below: Borrow someone else’s phone & scan the hangul using Google Translate App’s camera option for translations! 😉

Download & Setup | Sign-in & Activate Pass | Stream & Download | Make/Arrange Playlist

Melon Download & Setup

You will need to use the latest Melon version (v.6.0.3) for streaming. Older versions may not be supported any longer. Melon can be used on Andriod, iOS & PC

#1: Download Melon v.6.0.3 APK: APK Link
“This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep anyway?” => Yes
#2: Allow APK installation: Open downloaded file
“For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source” > Settings > Check “Allow from this source”
#3: Install App: Open APK file
“Do you want to install this application?” => Install > Open
> “Allow Melon to make & manage phone calls?” Yes > “Allow Melon to access media on device?” > “Yes”

#1: VPN to South Korean IP address (Free VPN service: VielduckVPN, OpenVPN) or Change App Store country to South Korea.
#2: Install Melon app from Korean Apple App Store: Link

PC: Installation file on LINK. Scroll down to download the file & install it.

Download & Setup | Sign-in & Activate Pass | Stream & Download | Make/Arrange Playlist

Sign in & Register streaming coupon

#1: Sign in with your Melon account. (If rental accounts are being used – use details given by seller)

#2. Register/Activate Streaming Coupon: Your coupon will be a 16-digit alphanumeric code.

Follow KSY/WINNER & LIKE their songs

#1. Search for “Kang Seungyoon” & “WINNER” in the search bar. Click on their profiles.
#2. Make sure to click on the STAR on their profiles to follow them.

#3. Rate & Heart the albums & Heart each song individually too!

Download & Setup | Sign-in & Activate Pass | Stream & Download | Make/Arrange Playlist

Stream/Download a Song

Things to ensure when streaming:
#1: You have Heart’d the song!
#2: The length of the song playing is 2mins+ for streams to count. If it is only a 1-min long then you streaming pass is not activated/working & you are only listening to free preview without streams counted.
#3: Check Audio option is selected on any of the AAC options (AAC+/ AAC 128K/ AAC 320K). Only then is it streaming. If it shows MP3 or DCF then it is playing the local downloaded version, which do not count towards everyday streaming. Delete the downloaded song (see below)

How to stream a song

Download Song: Make sure to download the song once when your fanbase tells you to! This is usually done in concert with everyone to boost position on chart. Once done, make sure to delete it so the streams are counted

How to download a Song

Deleting downloaded Songs: Either via app (see below) or go to your Mobile Documents Folder > Audio/Music > Delete appropriate MP3 file

Make sure to delete the downloaded songs before continuing to stream !

Download & Setup | Sign-in & Activate Pass | Stream & Download | Make/Arrange Playlist

Make/Arrange Playlist

Make life easier by making playlists. Go to Seungyoon’s profile & ‘Songs’ section & select the songs you want. You can add one song multiple times in the playlist que by tapping on it multiple times. Open & Edit the playlist to change the order of songs or delete them. Follow the recommended playlist order!

Alternatively, you can create a new “named” playlist for easy reference.

If you want to create a named playlist for easy access

Download & Setup | Sign-in & Activate Pass | Stream & Download | Make/Arrange Playlist

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