Kang Seungyoon’s Photoshoots & Endorsements

The more people said, “He won’t be able to do this”, the more competitive and unyielding I became. I thought, I may not be perfect at it, but I don’t want to hear that I can’t do it at all. 

Kang Seungyoon, Elle Korea, June 2020 (Translation cr: @softboimino)

Yoon’s Photography Exhibits/ Books

ADIDAS DAY & NIGHT Exhibit: ‘MINO & YOON’ , April 2019: Link

PLAC_by_YOU Exhibit – with Mino, Feb 2020 — cancelled due to COVID

YOON looks at ALWAYS – Japan Tour 2019 photobook, 2020: Link

Photoshoots / Magazines

Vogue Korea: ‘Little Big Heroes’ – With Superstar K2 Top 4, December 2010: Link

Elle Korea: ‘Instinctively attracted to his excessive honesty’ – December 2010: Link

Vogue Girl Korea, December 2010: Link

Arena HOMME+, December 2010: Link

130724-26 Naver Star Column: ‘The Actor & Trainee’, 2013: 130724 | 130726

Elle Korea: ‘After Break Up’ – with We Broke Up cast, 2015 : Link

1st Look: ‘We Broke Up’ – with We Broke Up cast, 2015: Link

YG Stage: ‘Kang Seungyoon x Sandara Park Pygmalion Fashion Film’, 2016: Link

1st Look: ‘Dating for a 1000 years’ – with Love for a thousand more cast, 2016: Link

CeCi Korea: ‘Star X Winner’ – with WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo, 2017: Link

Elle Korea: ‘Limitless Passion x Louis Vuitton’ – with Mino, Taeyang, CL, Blackpink, 2018: Link

Beauty+: ‘Call me by your Winner’ – with WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo, 2018: Link

Elle Korea: ‘Back to me’, June 2020: Link

Endorsements / CFs

LG International Calls, 2010: Link

CJ CM 30’s: Different ideas that change the world – with Psy, Bigbang, 2NE1, 2010: Link

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Life is a Tab – with Superstar K2 Top4, 2010-11: Link

Grand Chase Game, 2011: Link

Teams Polham: Standing Egg’s Have you ever fallen in Love, 2011: Link

Fanta: Fanta Idol Group – with Lee Kwangsoo & Baek Jinhee, 2012: Link

Yogiyo App, 2015 – with YG Family: Link

Beyond Closet on Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2015: Link

8 seconds: Hug Me coats, 2017 – 2 Episodes: Link

PLAC, 2020 – with Mino: By YOU | Be Nice [ ]


WINNER as a group has done 60+ magazine interviews, multiple commercial films and many more endorsements.

For a detailed list, please refer to:

YG WINNER Master List: CF/Photoshoots Tab