Tutorial for M!Countdown voting apps: Mwave & Whosfan

The Music show MNET M!Countdown uses TWO apps for Pre-Voting, which are also used for some year-end awards & miscellaneous things like ads on birthdays. Both are equally important & account for 15% of final score from Global Voting !

  • Prevoting Period: Fridays 2 PM KST – Mondays 9 AM KST

MWAVE is pretty straightforward. You don’t need to collect anything. Just login via various SNS accounts during Pre-Voting every day to vote!

Available on: Android | iOS | Web


Earning credits on Whosfan via various daily activities help earn more credits during the voting periods. This daily extra credit is useful only for misc voting, but not for M!Countdown pre-voting. So it’s upto you to collect the credits!

M!Countdown pre-voting ticket is available freely for fans outside Korea once the voting period begins. Super useful FAQ site if you are stuck anywhere !

Since the app is available in English, it is pretty straightforward. Even just signing in gives you credits ! Make sure to add a “Referral code” once you sign in – it give both you & the referrer credits. You can use WLSY’s referral code: NY151020

Steps to follow before comeback:

  1. Install App from link
  2. Login via any SNS account
  3. Use referral code & subscribe to newsletter by verifying email id (needed to be able to vote)
  4. Follow “WINNER”
  5. Fasted way to earn credits is to just login everyday (100 credits). More credits can be earned by watching ads/posting/etc (See below for list) from “Voting” > “Store” > “Free Charging”

Once album is released: Authenticate album & vote on M!Countdown

  1. Authenticate bought album by scanning barcode
  2. Collect free M!Countdown voting ticket from “Store” during pre-voting period – these tickets expire. So no point in collecting earlier.
  3. VOTE for Kang Seungyoon on M!Countdown using the ticket

How to Earn Credits:

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