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YOON has announced his comeback as a ‘solo artist’.

Like a note made up of various pages, YOON is standing in front of the public with his first full album [PAGE], which contains his thoughts accumulated over a long time.

The album composed of 12 tracks. YOON displayed his abilities as a singer-songwriter and producer by participating in the writingᆞcomposing of all tracks. YOON had put in hard work and sincerity in every single track to depict his past, containing stories as time went on, and to draw another [PAGE] as a solo artist from now on.

Along with the title track ‘IYAH’, his collaborations with rappers who have a clear presence, including ‘BETTER (with MINO)’, ‘OBVIOUS (Feat. Simon Dominic)’, and ‘SKIP (Feat. Wonstein)’, in addition to the special track ‘IYAH (Feat. Yoon Jong Shin)’ will prove YOON’s broad musical spectrum.

It is now time to pay attention to YOON’s music, which will show both his present and future.

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APRIL 2021

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