Seungyoon, Yoo Inna & Lee Yongjin make dreams come true on Sinabro Dream Operator, 2021

Along with actress and labelmate Yoo Inna & comedian Lee Yongjin, Seungyoon is starring on a tvN healing program where they visited communities creating special memories together and making their wishes come true. This is a special 3-episode show which started airing November 3rd, Wednesday at 6:10PM KST. Episodes are also uploaded in 2 parts every Wed & Fri, 7PM KST on tnN D ENT YouTube Channel.

T/N: Sinabro means “slowly without knowing” or “gradually unnoticed”; it feels similar to the effect where you watch clouds move; you usually can’t see the clouds actually moving, but after a while you realise that they’ve moved quite a fair distance.


Subbed teaser clip below by HoneyYooDdalgi

Episode 1

Turn on CC for English Subtitles

Episode 2

Turn on CC for English Subtitles

Episode 3

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