Intl Platforms: YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Shazam

YouTube | Spotify | iTunes | Shazam | Billboard


YouTube is the single most important streaming platform which is also free to use !! YouTube MV views are heavily counted in nearly all scoring systems from Korean Music Show win, Charts, Year-end awards & even international Billboard rankings. So make sure to listen to your favourite songs from Seungyoon on YouTube !

Watch the music videos ONLY from official YouTube channels of WINNER and KANG SEUNGYOON & Music Shows. Subscribe now!

How to stream KANG SEUNGYOON’s MV properly on Youtube:

  1. Go to on your browser or open your YouTube app.
  2. Make sure you are logged in into your YouTube account.
  3. Search the Music Video manually.
  4. Watch the Official Music Video until the end.
  5. Watch other Music Videos of SEUNGYOON or WINNER in between.
  6. Repeat the steps 3-5.


  • Make a YouTube Premium subscription if you can or sign up for free trial. Streams from YouTube Premium accounts weigh more (“verified real accs”).
  • Avoid bot-like behavior like repetitively watching the same video in long periods of time.
  • Set the volume at least 50% or higher.
  • Set the video quality at least 480P or higher.
  • Like the video.
  • Leave positive comments. More comments rank videos higher but do not spam.
  • Share the link of the MV to other SNS, and Subscribe to official channels.
  • Streaming on embedded video links count too.
  • Report any channels that will re-upload the MV for copyright infringement.


  • Do not skip ads. It doesn’t necessarily increase views but the channel earns from it.
  • Do not open several tabs of YouTube to play the MV at the same time in one browser.
  • Do not mute.
  • Do not re-upload the MV.
  • Don not use playlists on the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid incognito window or VPN.
  • Do not pause the video.
  • Do not change the speed of the video just keep it at normal speed.
  • Do not spam in the comment section and avoid using emojis.

YouTube | Spotify | iTunes | Shazam | Billboard


Spotify streaming is included in Billboard charts + it’s playlist of viral songs is a great way to introduce new people to music from Seungyoon!

Follow Spotify Artist pages now: Kang Seungyoon | WINNER

How to stream KANG SEUNGYOON’s tracks on Spotify:

  1. Go to on your browser or open your Spotify app.
  2. Make sure you are logged in into your Spotify account.
  3. Search KANG SEUNGYOON – Title of the song (ex. KANG SEUNGYOON Wild & Young).
  4. Follow SEUNGYOON’s Official/Verified Artist Page.
  5. Like his songs and share on SNS.
  6. Stream the whole song.


  • Make a Spotify Premium subscription or sign up for free trial if you can
  • Create a focused playlist and use it to stream. Diversify your playlist by adding songs from another or several artists.
  • Keep the playlist short around 2-3 hours and switch to a different one when the current one ends.
  • Don’t forget to like the songs.
  • Share the link of the song on any available SNS platform to chart on Viral 50.
  • Turn off autoplay in your settings. To do this, go to Home > Settings > Playback. This is to avoid songs from popping up.
  • Set the volume at least 50% or higher.
  • Offline streaming counts but remember to reconnect to the internet within 24 hours.
  • Shazam while you stream.


  • Do not use the same account on multiple devices. Only one account per device.
  • Avoid bot-like behavior.
  • Do not mute the application. Plug in your earphones instead.
  • Do not use VPN.
  • Do not shuffle your playlist.
  • Do not loop the song or your playlist.
  • Do not skip, rewind or pause.

YouTube | Spotify | iTunes | Shazam | Billboard

iTunes/ Apple Music

Buying the album songs on iTunes is important & a quick way to rank on international music charts especially country-wise. Some guidelines:

  • Buy track separately.
    – 10 individually bought tracks = 1 Album Purchase → Hot100 Billboard Chart Entry
    – 10 individually bought tracks = 10 Units Sold → Hot200 Billboard Chart Entry
  • Do not gift songs on iTunes. Gifting does NOT contribute to charting.
  • Purchase on various iTunes accounts. Make sure these are linked to separate devices.
    1 device = 1 iTunes account
    1 song sale = 150 paid/free streams
  • Stream bought songs. Delete the songs from your library or your stream will not count. There should be a plus (+) sign next to your purchased song.

YouTube | Spotify | iTunes | Shazam | Billboard


Shazam is a free music recognition mobile app that provides users with song titles, artist names, and other information such as lyrics, videos, artist profiles, concert tickets, and recommended songs.

Shazam has great value in the world of music. Your data is used for playlists, concerts or radio stations. Radio is an important basic factor in classifying music. Radio stations analyze Shazam charts to find the most popular songs right now, and determine which songs to play. This means that if a song contains many Shazams, they are likely to be played on radio stations. Radio is a huge contributor to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, accounting for 30-40%

How to Shazam?
1. Download the Shazam app: Android | iOS
2. Play any KANG SEUNGYOON song from any music platform (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer, etc.)
3. Open the app on your device.
4. Tap or click the Shazam button to identify the song. When Shazam recognizes a song, it will be saved to Shazam’s music library.

YouTube | Spotify | iTunes | Shazam | Billboard


Billboard is a world-wide music chart which makes use of information on digital sales (download, airplay & streaming) from various music platforms like YouTube, iTunes, Apple music, Spotify, Google music, Soundcloud, etc.

YouTube | Spotify | iTunes | Shazam | Billboard

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