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Seungyoon, Mino & Henry to exhibit their art at Saatchi Gallery, London – Oct 2021

KANG SEUNG YOON is set to debut once again! This time as the Photographer YOO YEON set to exhibit his art at the 8th edition of Annual START Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery, London on October 13-17, 2021, along with paintings by Mino as Ohnim & Henry Lau in a K-Pop Art Wave special. […]


[ENGSUB] Seungyoon x Mino’s staycation on WINNER Vacation – Bell Boys 2021

With the hyungs in the military, WINNER’s maknae line, Kang Seungyoon and Song Minho have teamed up for WINNER’s new holiday reality show: WINNER Vacation – Bell Boys. The 8 episode show was streamed on the app KT Seezn from January 4 – 26, 2021, after which the episodes are being made available on YouTube. […]


[SNS] 200607 y8n_l8ks_at Instagram Update with Song Changsik & Ham Chunho

Photoshoots (Magazines)

[MAG] ‘YOON looks at ALWAYS’ 2020

YOON looks at ALWAYS is a photo magazine released on March 30, 2020 in digital format featuring behind the scenes and back stage photos from the WINNER Japan Tour 2019, lovingly taken personally by our Photographer Kang Seungyoon. Together, all the WINNER members shortlisted and selected which of the many photos Seungyoon took would make […]

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[Exhibit] Adidas Day & Night with Mino & Yoon, 2019

Adidas Nite Jogger Special Event: Day & Night was held on Friday, April 12, 2019 at S Factory Seoul. The free event had an exhibition and performances by special guests and WINNER, who also had a short fan meet before the live performance. The exhibition titled “Day & Night, Eternal light, the brilliant energy” went […]