About WLSY

WELOVESEUNGYOON is the first and largest-to-date international fanbase-fansite of the ever versatile entertainer-actor, talented singer-songwriter, and reliable maknae-leader of WINNER, KANG SEUNGYOON. We aim to be your #1 source of all things Yoon!

The Beginnings (July 16, 2013)

WLSY started as a Seungyoon updates account on Twitter on July 16, 2013, the very same day of his debut with his single “It Rains“. With just 3 – 4 admins, we did our best to follow his activities despite limited knowledge of Korean and difficulty navigating the South Korean local portals and platforms then (K-Pop has become so much more accessible now!). But it was well worth it ~ all for the love for Kang Seungyoon, and guiding fellow INNER CIRCLE to get better acquainted with him and his group, WINNER.

WINNER United A-Team Nation

In the post WIN: Who Is Next era and before WINNER debuted, WLSY collaborated with other individual member-focused fanbases to form an international union, WUAN or WINNER United A-Nation (pronounced as ‘one’). The aim was to organize fan support projects and provide updates for WINNER. Our most notable fan support project is Your Smile is Like Heaven which was organized to send WINNER Congratulatory-and-Christmas gifts and fan letters in December, 2013. We did album&merchandise giveaways, and distributed fan-goods at the Japan & Singapore fan meetings.

Though short lived, the union produced friendships we’ll never forget. (A/N: To the WUAN admins, if you guys are reading this, we miss you a lot!)


WLSY’s blogsite was first established in late 2013 but was only officially launched with the domain name ‘weloveseungyoon.com’ in January of 2014. We hope that the archived content on this WLSY website becomes a helpful resource for every fan to get to know Yoon better and a space for fans to interact.


Consisting of former and current admins & translators, WLSY Subs was formed to provide English subtitles for Yoon & WINNER’s broadcast appearances. All of us started as amateur subbers, stumble-learned our way around, just to share content with international fans. ❤

Our little claim-to-fame !

Message Book and Fan Projects

Over the years, we have completed some successful fan projects: Since 2014, with 1004syna’s help, WLSY has collected and compiled birthday (and occasionally debut anniversary) messages from global ICs annually. We’ve also initiated other fan events–the most memorable one was during Seungyoon’s 26th birthday, which coincided with the EVERYWHERE Tour in Los Angeles in 2019. We had so much fun making it happen – right from the banner event, cake design and message book compilation. It was such a fulfilling experience and one to brag about especially when Yoon acknowledged our efforts via his social media!

As Seungyoon grows as an artist, WLSY hopes to continue supporting his career. We will continue to strive to deliver quality and timely updates, and also initiate more fan support projects and events for our one and only Superstar.

Check out the Tags: WLSY for fan projects & WLSYsubs for our subbing projects. Find other information about Yoon’s schedules via the menus, categories, tags and the index pages.

Follow us on our social media accounts to stay updated!

Meet Our Fabulous Team!

and enjoy their not-so-secret fangirling spazz!

Psst… If you would like to join our Team, drop us a DM on Twitter, We are always in need of more hands & dedicated, awesome fellow-fangirls !



It was Superstar K2. I tuned into the show for another contestant (American Idol’s John Park) but fell hard for the adorable rocker, Kang Seungyoon. I remember thinking how charming his voice was and how adorable a dongsaeng he was to the other contestants. He left a really good impression on me. Being a 2NE1 and Big Bang fan, I got super excited when he joined YGE. I admired how he bravely decided to start over again as a trainee in order to grow and learn more as an artist. Until now, he never stops improving, challenging himself in every opportunity he gets. His passion for his craft and vision for himself is very admirable.
“Seungyoon is a person so deserving of love, respect and success.”


SNS Admin

Why did I became a KSY fan? He is just so easy to love ~ with his amazing voice that will surely captivate you especially during live performances and concerts. More than that, his character and how he presented himself really stood out for me. His words… actions… how he treats people around him, be it staff, members or fans, is truly admirable. He has a unique combination of youthful energy and maturity. He is smart, goal oriented, focused, driven. I could go on and on with the things I admire about him, but to make it short:
I am his fan simply because he is Kang Seungyoon.


Blog Admin

An avid kdrama watcher, I came across this zany, super adorable kid who insisted that the earth was cubed and dreamt of being the President… and I fell absolutely in love! I kept wondering why I never saw the actor again post HighKick3 and imagine my surprise when my fav excessively hard working guy for the car cf prank in Na PD’s show turned out to be HIM!! Last few yrs I’ve scoured the net for his content, and only fallen more deeply in love & full of admiration about this amazing young man with blazing raw talent and an even more impressive attitude!
Here’s to Kang Seungyoon’s long & successful career! *clinks

Facebook Admin

Instagram Admin



On Hiatus / Past Staff


I started Weloveseungyoon for fun — From L.A.


Twitter Admin

I am Karina, 94 liner, so damn in love with YG family. Personally, I love boys with awesome voice who can play guitar so well then I found Seungyoon for the first time in Superstar K2 then he choose YG as his home. That feels like heaven for me and now he is part of Winner, the next big thing. Seungyoon doesn’t just sing and play guitar but now he can dance so well and (be) a great leader too, so awesome right? He doesn’t just appeal to me with his talent but also his milky skin & red lips especially when he playing with that lips *omg, sorry for saying this*

Main Tech Admin

“cause I’m Wild & Young for you~~”

Chi-Eng Translator, Twitter Admin

“Cause I’m Wild and and I’m Young XD”
I like Seungyoon cause he’s talented in composing, singing and acting too^^. He has the leadership. Actually, I’ve pay attention on Seungyoon last year ’cause of his voice and I’m waiting for his debut as WINNER^^

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

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Hey I have a question. I was wondering if you know the address where we can send fan mail to seungyoon or team a in general. Just want to cheer them up with some support. 😀 Thank you

thank you each and every one of u, past and present WLSY team. u guys help me 100% to get to know Kang Seunyoon, as an artist and as a person, and fallen irreversibly in love with him. felt 100% what Jaybee, Len and Runi said about Seungyoon. bless u guys.

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