About We Love Seung Yoon


Created on July 16, 2013 (same day as the release of KSY’s ‘It Rains’), WE LOVE SEUNG YOON is the first international fansite to give you all the latest updates, news, and information about Versatile Singer-Rockstar, Composer, Lyricist, Winner’s Leader, Kang Seung Yoon.

Angel–@wth_angel (Founder, Main Admin)

–“I started Weloveseungyoon for fun”

from LA.

Jaybee–@jaybee238 (Co-founder, Main Admin)

–“I hope one day, when he comes back to Twitter, KSY will recognize and mention @WeloveSeungYoon >.< “

Annyeong! I’m Jaybee from the Philippines. YG Family Stan. Blackjack. VIP. Winner fan and Seungyoonie lover >.< I’ve been a fan of Seungyoon since his Superstar K2 days. I thought, ‘this boy is so young yet possesses such big and matured voice’. It didn’t help that our mandu leader is so good looking, so adorable and has this cute, alien personality. *Valet (ballet) Parking, everyone?! haha* He worked so hard to achieve his dream. He waited for a long time to realize his success with, of course, his members, WINNER!

Ahjumma–@babythyr  (Main Admin, Tech Admin)

— ’cause I’m Wild & Young for you~~

Karina–@charendbsk (Twitter Admin, WP Editor)

–“Seungyoon milky skin, red lips … Idk what to do”

I am Karina, 94 liner, so damn in love with YG family and so talkative. Personally, I love boys with awesome voice who can play guitar so well then I found seungyoon for the first time in Superstar K2 then he choose YG as his home. That feels like heaven for me and now he is part of Winner, the next big thing. Seungyoon doesn’t just sing and play guitar but now he can dance so well and (be) a great leader too, so awesome right? Hehe He doesn’t just appeal to me with his talent but also his milky skin & red lips especially when he playing with that lips *omg, sorry for saying this*

Diana–@diana_meimei (Maknae Chinese-English Translator, WP Editor)

–“Cause I’m Wild and and I’m Young XD”

I am Diana from Malaysia, 15 years old ( October 21st 1998) aw just a day before BI. I like SeungYoon cause he’s talented in composing, singing and acting too^^. He has the leadership. Actually, I’ve pay attention on SeungYoon last year ’cause of his voice and I’m waiting for his debut as WINNER^^

Heejoo–@xxheejooxx (Korean-English Translator)

Kristy–@wwwknksl (Korean-English Translator)

Juju–@mj_ciego (Japanese-English Translator)

Zee–@clo9_yun (Japanese-English Translator)

Sya–@bomrinx (Graphic Designer)

Rena (Graphic Designer)

Nurul–@inrahrah (Tumblr Admin)

4 thoughts on “About We Love Seung Yoon

  1. Hey I have a question. I was wondering if you know the address where we can send fan mail to seungyoon or team a in general. Just want to cheer them up with some support. 😀 Thank you


  2. actually i don’t really like WINNER but my cousin keep on saying and saying about them
    Everytime we meet each other the only thing she will say is WINNER
    actually I am so stress

    and see what actually this group did that can make her so crazy



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