Mino & Yoon visit Amazing Saturday, 2019

Seungyoon and Mino guested on tvN’s Amazing Saturday, Ep-39, broadcast on December 29, 2018 as part of the promo for their single album MILLIONS. It is a show where the cast plays games to win various food delicacies.

The two WINNER members made a memorable appearance, passionate playing the games with no mercy! Seungyoon introduced himself as the youngest of the group, and also the leader, while Mino was defensive about his “cute airhead” image he has cultivated on NJTTW, insisting, “Honestly, I’m not actually ignorant. I just sometimes can’t remember things momentarily.”

Unfortunately though, it was a struggle for the rapper to prove himself as he got confused by listening to a snippet of the song they need to guess the lyrics to, just once! Seungyoon, on the other hand, confidently declared, “I’m completely sure [of my answer].” Seungyoon did manage to guess some correct answers and cutely went on to claim his burgers and Vanilla Latte drinks!

Lots of cute bickering and teasing: when Mino took a long time to respond to a question, SHINee’s Key joked, “Mino is buffering.” LOL! While they praised Seungyoon for his logical thinking and impressive listening skills, “He really is the leader!” Mino cutely turns the tables back on them by jokingly asking, “Are they always this catty on the show?”

Mino then steps up his game by passionately arguing for his answers and even getting some right! “This seems like a typo! This is a typo!” and “This seems unnatural and forced.”

Amazing Saturday broke its own ratings records for this episode by recording a 3.7% of viewership, surpassing the 3% range for the first time in 39 episodes of broadcasting.

The show is subbed in parts only. Below are the links:

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