WINNER Vacation – Hoony Tour, 2019

WINNER Vacation – Hoony Tour was broadcast in Jan – Feb, 2019 by Olleh TV’s app. A WINNER special show, Hoony turned guide to take WINNER around Jeju’s Udo island and enjoy the sights, food, all while having fun, teasing and healing.

A lovely comfort watch as WINNER does what they do best — scam and tease each other! Mino trying to scam his dolphins into the picture, Savage hyung Jinu, the tour-guide-plus-badge-giver Hoony & teased-mercilessly-aegyo-baby Yoon ! They have quizzes while Go-Karting, healing time on the sea, and a lovely night stay complete with Yoon making a commemorative song!

Eng subtitles for the show are available on YouTube! Find Links below!

Link to YouTube Playlist with ENG SUBS

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