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YG ENTERTAINMENT’s new boy group “WINNER” was introduced to a hard way to go in cable channel Mnet’s “WINNER TV” show, for performing different missions for each of the five members.

In the afternoon on the 17 this month, preview of “WINNER TV”s episode 2 was disclosed on search engine Naver’s TV Cast and YG’s official blog. In the preview, daily lives of WINNER’s five members (Gang Seung Yoon, Song Min Ho, Lee Seung Hoon, Kim Jin Woo, and Nam Tae Hyun) are depicted, including the process of their preparations for performance on the opening stage of their senior singer BIGBANG’s Japan six dome tour, as well as happenings that take place while the members perform their mission for the show in Japan.

In the preview, street performance by Gang Seung Yoon and Nam Tae Hyun is introduced for a while. Plus, a scene where the two kiss on each other’s cheek to take a photo sticker, which is a mission of the show, is disclosed to make viewers burst into laughter.

Notably, WINNER’s rappers Lee Seung Hoon and Song Min Ho showcase a “silly dance” on the crowded street in Japan, while the eldest member Kim Jin Woo looks dumbfounded in an elevator alone, which is a scene that makes viewers curious the most. Each of the five members is covered in the preview with different and exciting episodes, so viewers are expressing high expectations for the episode 2.

“WINNER TV” is a project for WINNER’s official debut, in which WINNER comes back to fans 50 days after survival audition show “WIN:WHO IS NEXT” that ended in October. The show depicts everything about WINNER, including their fun daily lives and hidden talent of songwriting. It is aired on every Friday at 10pm.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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