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[SCANS/TRANS] 131213 WINNER on K-STAR Grandprix Vol. 12 (CHN Version) – “Will they be the next BIGBANG?”

Will they be the next BIGBANG ?

On the 23rd of August, MNET released the reality TV show,”WHO IS NEXT ?” , and this was planned by YG. To be able to choose the group that’ll be the next BIGBANG, the competition was divided into 3 battles. On the first battle’s mission,BIGBANG’s Taeyang and G-Dragon was picked as the guidance for both teams who will perform their solo songs. Team Awas guided by Taeyang and performed these two songs ” Only ” and ” Wedding “. While G-dragon was the guidance for Team B, they performed his ” michigo ” and ” Crayon ” . Both teams were very nervous as it was their first time on the stage. But they learned a lot from the BIGBANG seniors so at the end, they did their best for the first battle. For the first battle’s voting by the judges, Team B took the victory. But, Team A won for audience’s voting and they were one step closer to debuting.

Self-composing and dance battle were the second battle’s mission. For the self-composing, Team A performed [Officially missing you] by TAMIA while Team B did Justin Bieber’s [BABY] . But for the dance battle, both teams also chose school as the theme of their dance performanes. Team A‘s song’s lyrics was changed by Seungyoon followed with a pop style while Team B changed their song to hiphop style. Both teams’ style had their own colours and wonderfulness. For the first battle, the judges and the audience both voted for different teams but this time, Team A successfully earned the judges and the audience’s voting.

On the 10.25, the finale battle which will matters the debuting team was held. Both teams were asked to change YG’s composer, Teddy’s song. Besides that, a dance battle and and song composing were also part of the finale’s mission. Even though both teams performed the same song, [JUST ANOTHER BOY] , but they brought out very different styles. One of the highlight of the finale was the song composing. Team A presenting [Go Up] which was made by Seungyoon from the bottom of his heart. On the other hand, Team B performed [Climax] to represent how they miss the ones they love. The judges’ comments for both teams were too strong to compare. They wouldn’t be surprised if either team wins. At the end, team A’s fate fell into the audience’s hand and took down the victory. They’re going to debut under the name of WINNER.


Do you want to know WINNER better ?


Kang Seungyoon [Main vocal leader]
Birth date: January 21, 1994
Blood type: B
Hobby: writing lyrics, composing song, playing guitar

He came from SuperstarK2, and succeeded with his powerful singing voice. He debuted as a solo singer from YG at July, 2013. He can compose very well too. President Yang really admire his talents.

Kim Jinwoo [Main vocal]
Birth date: September 26, 1991
Blood type: A
Hobby: Swimming and acting

He is the eldest in the team and love music unconditionally ! He will take his time and do his best when practicing a song. He is the role model of the team. He also has a beautiful voice and definitely could not be missed from the team.


WINNER‘s aim is to be the next BIGBGANG but in a different way. They are expected from everyone to be the future of the next music generation. In five of them, Lee Seunghoon and Kang Seungyoon seems to be one who gets the most attention because they are picked from the TVcompetition. But, Korea’s undergroud rapper, Song Minho, maknae Nam Taehyunand Kim Jinwoo have their own attractions too. All five of them have different talents and good in different directions.

Song Minho
Birth date  30th March 1993
Blood type:  A
Hobbies: Beat-box, writing and composing songs , drawing , playing basketball

He was once a powerful underground hip hop rapper but now he could also performs very well on stage. Plus, he’s skillful in beatboxing which is very useful in WINNER’s performance. Because of him, hip hop is included in the team’s music.

Nam Tae Hyun
Birth date: 10th May 1994
Blood type: A
Hobbies: writing and composing lyrics, wushu

Nam Tae Hyun is in charge of the high pitched voice of the team and he also looks very sweet, he is definitely the team’s flower. He is still so young so his growth in the music industry will be expected by everyone.

Lee Seung Hoon
Birth date: January 11, 1992
Blood type: A
Hobbies : dance and composing lyrics

From SBS’ show, KPOPSTAR, he’s definitely the best in dancing in the team. Just like Seungyoon, he is also one of the important role in the team. His existence sure increased WINNER’s performance’s quality.


Everyone in the team has different attitudes. In the TV show, WHO IS NEXT, also showed the fights and arguments in the teams. But because they aimed for victory and wanting to debut, they stayed together. There were also discussions held in team so everyone could speak up. At last, they showed their own way in making these amazing music to present to the world.

On the japan stage, two japanese songs were performed.

The fans were waving the red and yellow lightsticks for BIGBANG , but now they’re waving it for WINNER too as WINNER’s voice deeply moved them. At 5pm, after BIGBANG’S fans sang [ FANTASTIC BABY ] , five of them appeared on the stage. The first song was win’s first battle’s song, [ Officially missing you ] . It started with Nam Taehyun‘s amazing voice , but nobody had any idea why when the song was sang by Seungyoon, it’s in Japanese. Maybe it was specially made for the fans. The song ended with a loud applause then followed by the team’s members introducing themselves in Japanese.

Seungyoon said in fluent Japanese, “Now that we’re on the track, we hope that in the future , we’ll receive everyone’s love in Japan like our Seniors, BIGBANG. “

The second song was [ Go Up ] and it was in Japanese too which made the fans very happy. They only sang two songs on that day but was cheered on by a lot of audiences in Japan. Now they’re already standing on the track, they’ll soon be famous in Korea then Japan and be the WINNER that will get stronger day by day.

Source: @okappi_bb
Translations by: @__ayebabylion
Via ygwinnera

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