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[INTERVIEW] 131217 WINNER Reveals More Thoughts about WIN Broadcast – “We all have deep affection for music”

YG Entertainment’s project of having Teams A and B and the winner at the end getting to debut with the name WINNERthrough the program attracted many people’s attention. It was even cruel that the friends who run for the same dream have to be divided into teams and that in the end only one team debuts, but this battle might have been reasonable as they would have to challenge endlessly and become stronger even after the debut.

Team A, composed of Kang SeungyoonLee Seunghoon, Song MinhoNam Taehyun and Kim Jinwoo, finally got to stand in front of their fans with the name WINNER.

These people, who say they are realizing little by little that they are working as a group called WINNER, are young men who are still baby-faced.

Taehyun: “Because we were friends and practiced together for a long time, I never thought of being divided into 2 teams and having a battle. It was really hard to be actually in that situation. We don’t have any secret to victory, and I don’t think we won only because of our strength. But I think many people sympathized with the image of us improving by hardwork.

It was hard but we learned a lot from the process(of WIN)

Seunghoon: “I think I improved more during the program than what I practiced during my trainee period. People around us gave a lot of advice. I thank our team, Team B friends and also CEO Yang Hyun Suk. I tried hard to improve the parts he pointed out.”

Mino: “If I were asked to do it again? If it’s to become a better singer, I want to try it again.”

You might have felt a resentment because of your continuous challenge.

Seungyoon: “There was a time I really felt resentment. But as I continued on with the battle, I sympathized a lot with why CEO made us do this much. By looking at how much I improved during the battle than the 3 years of my practice, I got to know why he made this choice and he certainly looked to the future.”

Because you are the next boy group after BIGBANG, we hear a lot saying that you are the second BIGBANG.

Jinwoo: “I think there will be our own that is different from BIGBANG sunbaes. But I would be more than happy if we could frow as big as BIGBANG sunbaes.”

Now we think that you are truly one team.

Seungyoon: “We lived together even before the battle but I have more affection for them(members) because we are now really one team. So it makes me nag more (laughs)”

Even though Team B didn’t win the battle, I believe they would never give up because of their great affection for music.

Seunghoon: “We all have deep affection for music. We didn’t gather because we wanted to gain popularity, we are doing music because we really love music and there are people to share it with. The trainee period might have felt long but I endured it without thinking of ‘when will this end’? Because I loved music. It will probably be the same for everybody.”

Translated by: @TEAMAtheWINNER

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