[NEWS] 131121 “Kang Seungyoon, Capture at Shibuya busking… ‘Heart’ to GD’s banner”

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New group WINNER’s members Kang Seungyoon’s busking scenes were captured.

Recently, online communities published a few photos with the title “Kang Seungyoon and Nam Taehyun busking in Japan”.

In the photo, Kang Seungyoon and team mate Nam Taehyun are settling down and getting ready for busking. There is a paper with the phrase “If you like our songs” and the Japan currency “¥” on the box Nam Taehyun used to hold money.

In other released photos, Kang Seungyoon and Nam Taehyun did a heart expression to the opposite side. They showed their love to their sunbae BIGBANG’s G-Dragon whose banner was opposite.

It became known from local Japanese who took photos and uploaded onto their SNS. After that, Kang Seungyoon and Nam Taehyun did busking at Shibuya area and they became a highly searched topic on Japan’s biggest portal site “Yahoo Japan”.

Netizens who heard about the photos responded with “If they could busker in Korea too”, “They’re popular even before debuting”, “Will they earn a lot of Yen”

In other news, WINNER visited Japan to be the opening performance for BIGBANG’s Japan Dome Tour on the 16th and 17th.

Source: Star News via Nate
Translated by @21TASTICBABY

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