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YG’s new boy group, WINNER, showed their apologetic feelings towards Team B.

On the November 20th broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s ‘YOO IN NA’s VOLUME UP’, when DJ Yoo In Na mentioned “It is a survival program”, WINNER took a big sigh and showed a small smile.

Yoo In Na mentioned, “I think you must be tired of hearing the word, ‘survival’. It’s really nice to see Jinwoo smiling. Did you guys go through a very hard time?” WINNER exposed, “It was very difficult.”

Especially when asked about the contest between Team B who they have practiced together before, “That was the most difficult part.” They continued, “But we are still getting along as usual. Sometimes we practice together, too.”

WINNER revealed, “Honestly, we still feel sorry even now. We purposely don’t show it. They purposely don’t show it either and we’re just maintaing our good relationships with each other.”

With the question, “What did you guys talk about after the final live broadcast finished?” WINNER replied, “Let’s just hurry and go sleep. We stretched out our legs and just slept.” They revealed, “I’ve never slept that much my entire life. It’s been so long.”

Source: Nate
Translated by Jeni@onewomansubs

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