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Team A beat Team B and became the final WINNER, seizing the opportunity to make a debut.

‘WHO IS NEXT:WIN’, YG Entertainment’s real survival program to determine the formation of the next boy group was held in Seoul Bangi-dong’s Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Arena on Oct 25. The latest show revealed the final battle.

Yang Hyun Suk, the founder of the entertainment agency, commented, “We start working with WINNER on album production straight away from tomorrow. So I am the most curious to find out who will win today. I already feel bad for the team that is going to lose.”


The 11 members who appeared on stage, knowing that this is the last performance, looked more nervous than ever. Fortunately, things went smoothly. The two Teams showcased the same song ‘Just Another Boy’ first. Taeyang, who watched Team A’s performance first, commented, “Big improvements were made in such a short span of time. You look more natural as you are trying to enjoy being on stage.” CL followed Taeyang by extolling Team B.

The compliments of YG artists did not end there. The 11 members won high praises from the artists in the follow-up performances of dance battle and self-composed song. The artists were unanimous on the opinion that “It is hard to believe that they are not professionals, that they have not made a debut yet.”

The most impressive performance was the self-composed mission. First, Team A’s Kang Seung Yoon showcased his self-composed song ‘Go Up’, to which Tablo said, “I want to buy this song right now,” with a thumb up. Yang added, “Team A’s strongest weapon is their ability to compose songs. Every member in this team could produce a self-composed song right now.”

The remarkable performance was extended by Team B, the work of B.I. Yang commented, “I felt tears welling up as I watched Team B’s performance. It was perfectly suited for the finale performance. Team B’s members are a lot younger than I am, but B.I.’s rapping made my eyes water.” After the performance, members broke into tears saying, “It was a performance of no regrets.”


Just before the WINNER was announced, Kang Seung Yoon said, “I am so nervous. And I was deeply touched by Team B’s performance.” B.I. commented, “I thought I would be more nervous but I’m feeling happiness right now. It was like having a concert with all the other members.” Other members broke into tears with B.I.’s comment. Yang, who was there, suffered with “headache” from the pain of watching the 11 members.

And the final WINNER was Team A. Team A’s members collapsed on the floor crying as soon as it was announced, while Team B joined them. Kang Seung Yoon said, “Team B’s performance was much better and I salute them.”

B.I. from Team B, who lost by little, said, “I am happy because there is no regret. Right this moment everyone is a winner.’

Yang, with tears in his eyes, told the members, “No matter what the result is, I am so proud of all of you.” He was deeply touched by the members.


Even when the show was over, 11 members and the 2 MCs, Daesung and Yoo In Na, could not leave the stage. Team B delivered their last goodbyes to the fans, “Please wait for us.” The four members left the stage giving a hug to each other, deeply touched by the entire event.

Team A, now WINNER, will have an opportunity to join BIGBANG on their Dome Tour in November, while making a debut next January or December at the earliest. In other words, immediately after the show finishes, they will kick off the preparation for making an official debut. On the other hand, Team B will be broken up or will become trainees at YG again. There are possibilities of changing or adding members as well.

Source: MyDaily via YG-Life


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