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“This is a truly happy day for all but as time passes, I have a feeling that I will become sadder and sadder.” – Yang Hyun Suk, during the press conference before the final episode of ‘WIN’

It was exactly like what YG Entertainment’s founder Yang Hyun Suk said. Oct 25 was a happy day for the agency, as the first boy group in 8 years since BIGBANG was born under the group name WINNER. But the happiness lasted for a few seconds, and the air filled with Teams A and B’s tears—the Teams who devoted everything for this program.

The last episode of ‘WIN’ aired live through Mnet was held in Seoul Bangi-dong’s Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Arena on Oct 25. ‘WIN’, which kicked off on August 23 and lasted for two months, is a battle between Team A (of Kang Seung Yoon, Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seung Hoon and Nam Tae Hyun) and Team B (B.I., Kim Jin Hwan, Bobby, Song Yoon Hyung, Koo Jun Hoe and Kim Dong Hyuk), which consist of YG’s trainees.

On Oct 25 when the final battle took place, fans filled the Arena to see the birth of WINNER live. We are here to deliver the vivid scenes of the Arena that was not transferred through TV.

# “Can’t all 11 of us make a debut?”


Fans were there to support different Teams, or even different members. But their intentions were the same. Just before the live show, a fan was asked which team they support, and the answer came without a moment of hesitation: “Team A. They are and look more experienced than Team B. They are charming, and each of them is unique.” The member they support in particular was Lee Seung Hoon. But when Yang Hyun Suk was handed a microphone to speak, we could hear fans chanting “all 11” in the background, instead of just “Lee Seung Hoon.” This wasn’t the voice of one person. Every time Yang Hyun Suk’s face appeared on the screen, the Arena filled with the chant “all 11.” Some even shouted out, “so brutal.”

When a previously-filmed clip of Team A’s preparation of the ‘self-composed song’ performance was shown, Yang Hyun Suk was captured ordering the trainees to change the song just 10 days prior to the battle. To this, the fans eyed Yang Hyun Suk with much resentment. This wasn’t the first for Yang Hyun Suk to do this, as he ordered Team B to change the lyrics of a song just one day before the battle on episode 8, affecting Team B’s performance—which only made the fans blame him. The enthusiasm from the fans showed how much they also wanted all 11 trainees to make a debut together.

# What happened in the 60 seconds before the winner was announced?


Finally all the performances were over, and only the announcement of the final winner was left. The 11 members who stood in line were already breaking into tears. Song Min Ho was sobbing. However, their tears and the fans’ desperation did not stop Mnet’s ’60 seconds’. Daesung, who was one of the MCs, with much difficulty brought himself to say “We will be back in 60 seconds”, the 11 members walked toward each other like they had been waiting for the moment. Starting from Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Jin Hwan, they hugged and gave words of encouragement to Team B. Bobby found the sobbing Song Min Ho to give him a hug. The audience chanted, “Don’t Cry.” 60 seconds passed, and they all came back to their original place. The members were looking down, patting each other on their shoulders.

# After everything was over…


Team A became WINNER, and the 2-hour live show ended with no hassle. YG artists who joined to cheer them on, including Taeyang, Seungri, 2NE1, and Epik High came up on the stage to hug and deliver encouraging words to each and one of the members. And the show ended. But even after the show came to an end, the members could not stop tears from running. Even when YG artists went off the stage, the 11 members were unable to move. They stood there either hugging each other or trying to take in everything. The 2 MCs, Yoo In Na and Daesung, also remained on the stage until things were calmed down.

And then the members of ‘WIN’ stood in line again to thank the fans who came to see them at the Arena. They did not say anything special, but just a big “Thank you” and waved at the fans. Everyone in the Arena had trouble leaving. At the end, Yoo In Na shouted out, “Team B! We will be waiting for you!”

 “Right this moment, everyone is WINNER.” –B.I., in the last live episode of ‘WIN’

When the final winner was announced, Yang Hyun Suk was asked to give a comment. But his eyes filled with tears, and he could not speak. Fans of both Teams A and B broke into tears. ‘WIN’ started as an ambitious project to form the first boy group in 8 years since BIGBANG. Yang Hyun Suk, at the press conference held right before the live show, said himself, “I don’t think I will feel happy no matter which team wins. I think perhaps I designed a very brutal program.”

WINNER will kick off their music-related activities from Oct 28. The 4 songs performed by Teams A and B on Oct 25 will be released under the name ‘WIN’ on Oct 28. It’s not the official debut of WINNER, but for the fans who supported the two teams, YG is providing them with Team B’s songs as well. WINNER will join BIGBANG on their Dome Tour in Japan as an opening band, and will make a debut next January or this December at the earliest.

Many are curious to see where Team B is headed from here. Yang Hyun Suk explained, “As I promised, the losing team will have there debut date delayed or put on hold, and in the worst case scenario, the team will be broken up,” and added, “Please wait until we make our final decision for the lost team.” He continued, “Things are too hectic for us to confirm our decision right now. We are going to think about it once everything is over,” and, “But they are the trainees who have been with us for years, we are not going to just abandon them.”  Team B, we are waiting for you! Team A, congratulations!

Source: Tenasia via YG-Life


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