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The teaser photos and lyrics of KANG SEUNG YOON’s new song “WILD AND YOUNG” have just been released.

In the morning of the 30th, YG Entertainment unveiled the full lyrics of the new song “WILD AND YOUNG” along with the teaser images of KANG SEUNG YOON holding a guitar customized by himself on its official blog (

YG’s chief producer Yang Hyun Suk has earlier said that “WILD AND YOUNG” is “a strong, rock song with KANG SEUNG YOON’s husky and clean voice that suits well with the hot summer season.” What is also strong is the lyrics of the song, which are about a compelling love story.

The lyrics describe the love story of a wild young man, who has given his all for love. The man sings that even though he might be young, he is ready to dedicate himself for love.

“WILD AND YOUNG” is written, composed, and arranged by YG’s main producer TEDDY, and it is a strong, rock song unlike the previous songs by the producer. As such, many are anxious to see how TEDDY and KANG have collaborated.

KANG’s debut album is also gaining much attention as Yang Hyun Suk has shown a strong support for him, supervising the preparations and editing the music video by himself. K-pop fans are looking forward to seeing yet another successful debut of a rookie singer from a talent show, following that of LEE HI.

KANG SEUNG YOON will make his debut on the Music Trend (Inkigayo) on August 4th.

Source: TVDaily via YG-Life

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