YG Entertainment is fiercely moving forward. Over the past few years, YG has been on a winning streak thanks to the success of its idol groups such as BIGBANG and 2NE1 and the global popularity of PSY after him joining the company. The entertainment giant is growing even bigger as it has become a listed company.

This is probably why YG has just started to make ambitious efforts to dominate the K-pop world with a number of its artists’ comebacks, shaking up the K-pop market. 2NE1 has announced that they will continue their performance without a long period away by putting out one single a month while other YG artists including KANG SEUNG YOON, well known for his performance in the talent show Mnet’s “Superstar K2,” and SEUNGRI of BIGBANG have recently unveiled their debut and comeback schedules.

After making a long-awaited comeback in about a year with “FALLING IN LOVE,” 2NE1 will release another single “DO YOU LOVE ME” on August 7th. The new album reflects the group’s enthusiasm for their long-awaited performance on the stage. What stands out this time in particular is that 2NE1 is appearing on TV variety shows and music shows of MBC and Mnet as well as SBS for the first time.

2NE1 has gained much popularity, smashing the music charts every time they release a new song. As such, their recent moves and changes are more than enough to excite the K-pop world.

On top of this, KANG SEUNG YOON is about to make inroads into the market by releasing a new song. KANG will release “WILD AND YOUNG” on the 31st. The rookie star is gaining much attention as he is already popular thanks to his appearance on a sitcom even before his official debut as a singer, and he is given the full support of YG. We will soon learn if he will exceed people’s expectations.

SEUNGRI of BIGBANG will also make a comeback as a solo singer with his second solo album in two years. He has already proven his potential as a solo with “STRONG BABY” and his first solo album in 2011. Among other things, this mini album with six new songs is produced by SEUNGRI himself and includes his own song, “할 말 있어요.” SEUNGRI will promote his song in Korea until the end of September and then he will perform in Japan, strengthening his status as a Hanryu (Korean Wave) star.

So, at least three different teams of YG artists will be performing at around the same time. This is a quite unusual and daring move from YG, given that entertainment companies in Korea deliberately schedule their artists’ comebacks and debuts so that they will not overlap. This has been considered as a common rule because only a limited number of artist groups can appear on TV music shows given the limited air time.

After becoming an entertainment giant thanks to its large number of artists and economies of scale it has gained through IPO, YG is ready to enthrall K-pop fans once again.

Source: enews24 via YG-Life

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