[WLSY x 1004SYNA] Seungyoon 26th Birthday Project

Upon learning that WINNER will be touring North America in time for Seungyoon’s birthday (specifically January 20th in LA / January 21st in Korea), the WLSY admins, along with 1004SYNA, couldn’t contain their excitement in planning for this special fan project!

Without further ado, check out the events we organized for Yoon at EVERYWHERE Tour in Los Angeles!

Banner Event

This was a surprise event for Yoon at EVERYWHERE Tour in L.A. to greet him on his special day! We designed the banner with things that remind us of him–guitar, bread (Jang Bal Jang), chick among others. We were thrilled when he got a copy of the banner from the audience and cutely posed with it for INNER CIRCLE to capture.

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped us distribute the banners! LA ICs, we’re grateful for the support~

Yogurt Birthday Cake

Inspired by Yoon’s love for yogurt & his skit at EVERYWHERE Tour VCR, we exclaim how we adore our precious Ddeungyoonie with this custom-made cake!

Due to the promoter and YGE’s advice, the cake was never brought on stage as planned. However, some time after the show ended, Yoon acknowledged our effort by posting on Twitter! This moment is surely one of the books!

A/N: There was a little mishap in the outcome but what’s important is that Yoon received it well.

Birthday Messagebook

A messagebook filled with “love stories” telling Yoon how we came to know and love him as well as birthday well wishes from ICs all over the world was also delivered in the same event.

We thank everyone who sent in their messages & fanarts for this compilation~

Happy to announce that our Yoon birthday project with 1004syna has successfully concluded! Special thanks to USA_INNERCIRCLE, LiveNation / LiveNationKpop & everyone who made this possible!

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