Just a week before the release of his most awaited first solo album, Kang Seungyoon dropped the tracklist of [PAGE] which includes 12 self-composed tracks and collaborations! Check out the descriptions of each song translated by @softboimino + photo spoilers photographed by Seungyoon aka Yoo yeon himself!

01. 이야 (IYAH)*title track

The comforting, empathetic nature of these lyrics are an honest narration of the kind of responsibility we all experience as we get older and the pressures of becoming an adult. The song nicely highlights Kang Seungyoon’s signature style of refreshing vocals and vibes.

02. 그냥사랑노래 (WE NEED LOVE)

As important as it is to feel the heavy, deep emotions that come with the things like heartbreak, it is also equally necessary to lightness in our lives, like that of ‘WE NEED LOVE’. The message of this sing, “We all need love”, is immediately kicked off with a bright rhythm and the catchiness of the light-hearted chords make this track easy-to-listen-to and enjoyable.

03. 멍 (BRUISE)

Structured out of piano and other acoustic instruments, this delicate ballad is a call for the listener to fixate solely on Kang Seungyoon’s sweet, melodic voice and the lyrics that he sings.

04. SKIP (Feat. Wonstein)

The lyrics to this song are particularly memorable for the message it delivers of someone who’s afraid to put things into action due to all their worries. The minimal, rhythmical arrangement accentuates the upbeat vibes of the listening experience.

05. 안봐도 (OBVIOUS)(Feat. Simon Dominic)

The song is what the title suggests–about a relationship that’s nearing its end, and how obviously dramatic it’ll be even before the ending actually happens. Starting with a refreshing guitar riff and coupled with the sound of a band, this is a song that’ll make your head bop along to the beat.

06. BETTER(with MINO)

Using consolations like, “I look better single than I did being in a relationship with that person”, this track is about the regrets and lingering feelings that remain after a past love. In working with fellow group member Song Minho, the duo displays peak chemistry and fluid demonstration of their teamwork.


A serenade to the fans who commonly call him, ‘Leader’, ‘Boss’, or ‘CAPTAIN’. A promise to the fans who’ve continued to faithfully stand by his side mixed with the song’s energetic sound is a refreshing combination.

08. 뜨거웠던가요 (WERE WE?)

This song tells a story of a relationship that once felt difficult to end because of how passionate it was, only for it to turn out to rather easily fizzle out after a certain time has passed. It speaks to the hearts of those who’ve previously experienced the end to a relationship.

09. 365

The lyrics of this track liken loneliness to a full year, of 365 days, and the four seasons.

10. 싹 (TREAD ON ME)

The strong point of ‘TREAD ON ME’ is Kang Seungyoon’s rich, resonant voice. The unique title and unexpected sounds work in favor of drawing the listener further into the song to leave a deep impression.

11. 비야 (HEY RAIN)

This song adds a new progression to Kang Seungyoon’s inextricable link to the two keywords ‘rain’ and ‘tears’. Expression of the sadness we all experience in our daily lives, and the calm, honest lyrics are charismatically contrasted with a fresh melody and rhythm.

12. 아이야 (IYAH)(Feat. Yoon Jong Shin)

Yoon Jongshin and Kang Seungyoon first met back in 2010 on an audition program as a judge and a participant, and have continued to maintain their relationship to this day. This comforting, memorable special track is constructed on a question and response basis, with Seungyoon asking questions about life in the past 10 years and Jongshin responding accordingly.

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