WINNER on Knowing Brothers, 2018

Along with Yoo Byunjae, a fellow YG artist, WINNER as a group guested on JTBC’s popular talk-variety show Knowing Brothers Ep 127, broadcast on May 12, 2018.

A super funny guesting & a must-watch! We got Seunghoon’s catchphrase EDM and witty acrostic poem with YHS, cringe-worthy acting out of the romance scenes from ‘Pretty noona who buys me food’ by Mino & Seungyoon, the terrifying ghost in YG studio story, proof of WINNER’s chemistry, Seungyoon identifying the members by their footsteps and so much more!

The show is available on Netflix with subs and on any of the regular streaming sites. Three fun extra clips were also released on YouTube & here are the links:

What Movie is WINNER?



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