Seungyoon x Yu Tian & Mino wow on ‘The Collaboration’, 2016


The Collaboration is a 2016 Korean x Chinese idol battle show aired on Tencent (China) & SBS MTV (Korea) from June 30, 2016 – September 1, 2016. Each Korean member paired up with a Chinese member and collaborated to put up a performance. From Korea the artists involved were: Jay Park, Block B’s Zico and WINNER’s Mino & Kang Seungyoon

Planned for 10 episodes, unfortunately due to the enforcement of the THAAD ban, it was cut short to 6 episodes, but we got some fabulous collaborative performances out of it ! Esp Yu Tian X Kang Seungyoon were a dream team with performances of Back in Time, Secret I cant Tell You, We like to Party and Tenderness. We also got the first live stage of It Rains from Seungyoon !

The Collaboration Pairs

Wang Yue Xin x Jay Park (AOMG)
Xue Zhiqian x Mino (WINNER)
Hu Xia x Zico (Block B)
Yu Tian x Kang Seungyoon (WINNER)

The show also had some really fun behind-the-scenes moments like the thigh strength competition or the killer lie-detection machine (Ep 5) which outed so many secrets like if Mino wanted to change partners or if Zico thought he was the best. Lol! We are pretty sure the PD team was as in love with Seungyoon x Yu Tian’s chemistry as we were, considering the funny dramatic scenes they had them shoot & always editing in shy bromance vibes! Lol ! But truly, they were a great team, so in sync with each other for fabulous performances! Seungyoon even sang in Chinese for a few rounds and the lucky audience during one of their wins even got hugs from them!

Eng subs are available for The Collaboration. The official YouTube videos are subbed till Ep 3. The fan subs by Winner Galaxy are fabulous and include both main Episodes & bts (just click on “watch on Facebook” if the embed if not accessible) but some of their links have been pulled down – we have linked streaming sites for such episodes.

Amazing Introductory Videos

Seungyoon’s Introduction

Mino’s Introduction

Alternate FB Link: Yoon Intro | Mino Intro

Episode 1

Seungyoon’s Solo Performance (Wild & Young + It Rains)

Episode 1.5 (Team Korea)

Alt FB link to BTS parts: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4

Episode 2

Ep-2 Eng Sub Kshow123 Link

Yoon x Yutian – Back in Time (Moon that embraces the Sun OST)

Episode 2.5

Episode 3

Episode 3.5

Episode 4

Ep-4 Eng Sub Kshow123 Link

Episode 4.5

Episode 5

Ep-5 Eng Sub Kshow123 Link

Episode 6

No English Subs for this ‘looking back at’ episode

English Subbed Vids Credit: winnergalaxy

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