[NEWS] 160120 WINNER to Launch Pre-release Promotion Campaign Headed by YANG HYUN SUK

160120 YGLIFE 1

[텐아시아=박수정 기자] WINNER announced they will be launching a special promotion campaign in the run up to the released of their new album on February 2.

At 6 PM on January 20, a teaser poster titled “WINNER – ‘EXIT: E’ PRE-RELEASE COVERS” was posted on YG’s official blog. “WINNER PRE-RELEASE COVERS”, “COMING SOON”, and “01.21 -01.31” were written on the poster.

YG Entertainment is going to promote WINNER’s new album in special way. According to a staff member of YG, this was YANG HYUN SUK’S idea, and he will be the one heading the project.

Judging from the teaser poster, it is likely that the promotion project for WINNER’s new album will be relayed covers of WINNER’s songs. Previously, TABLO and AKMU covered TAEYANG’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” to promote the song. The cover versions were loved as much as the original version by TAEYANG as they have a different appeal.

It is hard to predict who will be covering WINNER’s song and in what way, but expectations are running high for the pre-promotion project of WINNER’s new album, which will take place for ten days starting from January 21.

Meanwhile, the track list of WINNER’s mini-album “EXIT:E”, all the songs of which were composed and written by the members, was released on January 19. The mini-album will be released on February 1 along with three music videos.

Source: YG-Life

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