[PHOTOS/INTERVIEW] 150914 WINNER Talks About Members’ Personalities on Model Press

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WINNER talks about each member’s good points and some things they want other members to change or fix.

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In charge of: Rap
Birthdate: 1992.01.11
Blood Type: A
Hobby / Special Skills: Dance / Writing lyrics

Seungyoon:  Seunghoon is amusing, broad-minded! And always humble.
Mino: But, a little bothersome. Or rather, persistent (laughs).
Seungyoon: He’s always energetic, high tension (laughs). But, I like that part of him too.
Taehyun: He might look as if he makes wrong choices at times, but there are many times when he chose the right way. I want him to only make the right choices (laughs).
Hoon: Is that so? I don’t really know (laughs).

In charge of: Vocal
Birthdate: 1994.05.10
Blood Type: A
Hobby / Special Skills: Writing lyrics / Composing / Martial Arts

Hoon: Taehyun is never late.
Mino: His self-management is strict. He might be too strict. I want him to get rid of that.
Seungyoon: He’s really emotional. I think since he takes everything with sensitivity at anytime, that can be his strong point and weak point.

In charge of: Vocal / Leader
Birthdate: 1994.01.21
Blood Type: B
Hobby / Special Skills: Billiards / Wring lyrics / Composing

Seungyoon: Is it my turn? (smiles)
Mino: His Japanese is good, reliable! But, too late!
Seungyoon: You’re the one who’s too late- (laughs)!
Mino: He doesn’t know much about himself. But his love for himself is amazing (laughs).
Seungyoon: I think so (laughs).
Jinwoo: He’s compassionate. For girls in particular (laughs)!
Taehyun: And, he sleeps too much!

In charge of: Rap
Birthdate: 1993.03.30
Blood Type:  A
Hobby / Special Skills: Beatbox / Writing lyrics / Composing / Drawing / Basketball

Seungyoon: He eats a lot!
Jinwoo: Laughs a lot!
Seungyoon: And he’s amusing! He always gives off bright energy. It’s just that he’s too late, y’know (laughs).
Hoon: And also, his forgetfulness is severe (laughs).
Jinwoo: There are times when his heart weakened.
Mino: Certainly, I’ve been feeling down recently, right…? (laughs)

In charge of: Vocal
Birthdate: 1991.09.26
Blood Type: A
Hobby / Special Skills: Acting / Swimming

Mino: Kind! Good-looking!
Seungyoon: Too pretty!
Jinwoo: There are too many good points about me (laughs)! (does high five with members)
Mino: His good point is that, there’s no quality of him which is not needed.
Seungyoon: The thing I want him to get rid off is spending too much money on games!
Jinwoo: Yeah, I’ll be careful (laughs).

Source: Model Press
Translations: prancingmaria via With_Winner

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