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[SCAN/TRANS] 121129 Winner on Korean Wave Magazine

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Kim Jinwoo
In charge of Vocal. He’s the oldest but he’s also in charge of aegyo. Even though it’s rough his mobilization for music is strong. Has a greedy? character but is said to provide a new growth to the group. From his cute looks and his clumsiness gets a lot of fans’ maternal instincts tickled.

Song Minho
In charge of Rap, at first he was the leader but because of injury, he shifted with Seungyoon. His rap skills/ability being recognized by G-Dragon and Epik High’s Mithra, He thinks of his group more than anyone else and his presence is like a kind daddy. He is perfect for being upbeat!

Lee Seunghoon
In charge of Rap, From the Audition Program [K-POP STAR] he has a distinguished sense in dance and plans the dance steps. A fan who adored YG Entertainment that before he even became a trainee he lived in an apartment on the side of the office building.

Kang Seungyoon
In charge of Vocals. Leader. The mood maker of the team. He debuted as a solo artist in Korea on July 2013. Even though he’s a talented composer who makes variety of songs he also has combined singing skills. He is also fluent in Japanese.

Nam Taehyun
In charge of vocals. Maknae. He has a very soft voice. At first it was hard for him to sing hip hop songs. He has a flexible musicianship and even though he’s the youngest, his growth from now on is being expected.

Like BIGBANG and 2NE1 who’s embracing popularity, After 7 years from YG Entertainment, boys group WINNER’s debut has been settled.
With the average age of 20 they parted in Team A and Team B and whoever wins will debut in a survival program [WIN: Who Is Next] Selected by just the viewer’s votes, Team A members Song Minho, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, Nam Taehyun, Kang Seung Yoon, 5 members. The representative producer of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Seuk says “It is a group wherein 3 out of 5 members has a composition skill. BIGBANG also grew as a group who composed their songs, so i’m really looking forward to them. They studied Japanese for 2~3 years so i’m thinking of making their Japanese Activities parallel.” and they are to do activities in Japan as soon as possible. They are now doing the opening act the first time for the fans on BIGBANG’s Japan (6) Dome Tour. From now on, let’s pay attention to the 5 who in no doubt, will make a break.

Photo Credit: Maru
Translated by fy-winner

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