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[TUTORIAL] How to vote for your favorite team on Daum & Daum App



1. Go to “
2. Click on the button “회원가입”


1. Enter your email address
2. Click on “중복확인” button to check for duplicate email
3~4. Click to agree with Daum’s user policy
5. Click to move to the next step


1~2. Confirm your email & Daum ID
3. Click to edit
4. Enter your password
5. Confirm your password
6. Enter your name
7. Select your sex
8. Complete your registration


1. Check your email account for your confirmation email
*You must confirm your account within 12 hours


1. Click on the provided link in the confirmation email to complete your registration


1. Enter your password
2. Enter Captcha Code
3. Click to confirm your registration


1. Go to
2~3. Choose your favorite WIN team
4. Click to vote


On Daum App
1~2. Choose your favorite WIN team
3. Click to vote

*Those who registered on the computer can vote on Daum Smart Phone App.

Source: WIN Official Facebook Page

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