Seniors Seungyoon & Mino help & advice their debuting juniors: TREASURE

On August 7th, ahead of their debut, YGE’s newest boy group, TREASURE, held a press conference to introduce themselves to the media body. When the boys were asked if there was a particular senior who helped out the most, Asahi chose WINNER, but especially Kang Seungyoon. He said, “He gave us a lot of advice […]


Seungyoon shares his thoughts on the survival show: YG Treasure Box, 2018

WINNER appeared as special judges on the survival reality program to decide YG’s next boy group lineup: YG TREASURE BOX Ep 6 – 7, and 9, in December 2018. They helped judge which units would be selected from their two-on-two battles and also provided mentor ship to the teams in later rounds. Seungyoon who is […]