Actor Kang’s debut – High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged, 2011-12

Kang Seungyoon made his acting debut in a supporting role in the MBC korean TV sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short-Legged, the third installment of the popular High Kick series. The show aired from September 19, 2011 – March 29, 2012 with 123 episodes of ~23 mins duration. The sitcom starred raked in pretty […]


110908 High Kick 3 Press Conference

On September 8th, the cast of MBC’s new daily sitcom, ’High Kick 3’, attended the show’s production conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul. Director Kim Byung Wook also took the time to apologize to viewers for the tragic ending of ‘High Kick 2’, saying,“To start, I apologize for the way the ‘High Kick’ series have been known to […]


[RADIO/TRANS] 130812 Seung Yoon Talks About Lee Jong Suk and f(x)’s Krystal on SBS Power FM