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[OTHERS/FANACCOUNT] Seungyoon Fansites’ Food Support for ‘We Broke Up’ Cast, Staff & Crew

Translation: @1004SYNA & @wildforyoon Source: DCKSY (Seungyoon’s DC Gallery)

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[FANCAFE] Kang Seung Yoon’s Message for YG Family Concert (AIA Festival)

Seungyoon: To Inner Circle ♥ We are finally meeting with you guys at our first family concert in Korea. I’m so excited ^^ See you soon! Translation: @YG_WINNER Source: Official Daum Fancafe

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[FANCAFE] 131224 Winner says ‘Merry Christmas!’

“WINNER LEADER. Seungyoon says Merry Merry New year… Ppyong!” – Seungyoon “Happy New Year (receive lots of good luck)” –  Jinwoo “Together with Nam Taehyun… a sweet Christmas” – Taehyun “Santa Mino ♥ Merry Christmas” – Mino “Happy Lee Seunghoon, Happy New Year” – Hoon   Source: Winner Official Fancafe Translated by: @2KJOP_CL1 | @YGWINNER_A TAKE WITH FULL CREDITS

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[FANCAFE] Kang Seung Yoon and Team A on the 1st Battle