[ENGSUB] Seungyoon appears as Song Changsik’s guest on Video Star Ep 229, 2020

Kang Seungyoon, along with Ali guested on MBC’s talk show, Video Star, Ep 229 as junior singers who Song Changsik really likes on it’s year-end C’est si bon special episode, broadcast on December 29, 2020. The C’est si bon special was a homage to the real-life legendary lounge with live music in 1970’s Seoul which […]


[Trans] War of Villains PD shares lovely anecdotes about Yoon

PD ‘dalzaka’ has shared lovely anecdotes and behind-the-scenes clips of Seungyoon’s guesting on War of the Villains on her Instagram account. It so happens that she has known Seungyoon as a kid since 10 years ago, from his Superstar K2 days. Her posts are sweet and so full of love and admiration for our Superstar […]