[WLSY Project #2] Project Update

  Hello everyone! WLSY’s staff is honored to announce that as of February 9th, 2015, the personalized gifts as well as the message book that contains not only this project’s messages, wishes and fanarts but also the previous Project/Giveaway poems/essays and fanarts (HORRAY! your effort was not wasted ^_-), were safely received by WINNER’s support representative. ^_^     For the charity part of the project, we are deeply grateful for we collected a sum of 135 USD. We are in debt to everyone who donated and helped us spread the word. We know writing each and every donor’s name and country on our message book for Seungyoon isn’t enough but we sincerely … Continue reading [WLSY Project #2] Project Update

[WLSY Project #2] Seungyoon @22: “2Love & 2Share”

Hey Inner Circle! Do you know what’s coming up?! Yes! It’s the 22nd birthday of our very own versatile vocalist-leader, Kang Seungyoon! And we are celebrating it for a good cause. We Love Seung Yoon staff bring you a simple yet meaningful birthday project, WLSY’s 2nd Project called Seungyoon @22: “2Love & 2Share”. 1. Messagebook Send us a scan/photo of your personalized birthday message/letter or fanart to Seungyoon at weloveseungyoon@gmail.com. We ask everyone to make a short but sweet message not exceeding 200 characters or a fanart. Make your writings/messages readable and understandable. No explicit or inappropriate language allowed. Messages … Continue reading [WLSY Project #2] Seungyoon @22: “2Love & 2Share”

[WLSY Project #1] 130716 – 140716 ‘1st Wild Year with Kang Seung Yoon’


Today marks a very special day for Kang Seung Yoon as we celebrate the 1st year anniversary of the release of his first official single through YG, ‘It Rains’, thus, his solo debut! Coincidentally (or fate kkk), it’s We Love Seung Yoon’s 1st Anniversary as well! And to celebrate this double combo events, WLSY will be giving away 3 WINNER debut albums! (as soon as it’s released of course. *winks*)

How to join? Easy! Let your creativity and imagination work!

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[United A-Team Nation Project #1] Project Update

Hello everyone!❤ I bet you’re all wondering “What happened to that United A-Team Nation’s project?” Well, wonder no more cause here are the details regarding our Your Smile is like Heaven Project! First off, the gifts! Fortunately we were able to buy Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpacks 😉 We weren’t able to get all the colors we wanted for the boys. We had to use Light Blue for Seungyoon instead of Navy Blue and Black instead of Gray with Neon yellow for Seunghoon. But we got the right colors for Jinwoo, Mino and Taehyun. 😉 Song MINO Nam Taehyun Lee Seunghoon Kang Seungyoon … Continue reading [United A-Team Nation Project #1] Project Update



2013 is almost ending and a new year is finally going to start! Do you know what it means? Seung Hoon and Seung Yoon’s birthday!! On the 11th and 21th of January, our Hiphop Young Lion, Seung Hoon and Rockstar Leader, Seung Yoon will be a year older, respectively. With this, WeloveSeungyoon & YGPrinces are collaborating for the first time for Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Seung Hoon’s Birthday Project, Seung Squared. Continue reading “[WLSY & YGP PROJECT #1] SEUNG SQUARED PROJECT”

[UNITED A-TEAM NATION PROJECT #1] Your Smile is Like Heaven

Hello A-Team aka WINNER fans! ^_^ Each member’s fanbases have teamed up to create a project to congratulate our A-Team boys therefore the birth of UNITED A-TEAM NATION. Our first project is a to send the boys a Congratulatory and Christmas gift. Here are the details of the project

First part: Fan Letters
This is never lost in the sea of gifts cause that’s the one that matters most. We’ll be accepting fan letters on November 16-18, 2013 through your respective fan bases (Woodies Int’l, AllAboutSH, WeLoveSeungyoon, TaehyunUpdates and M-I-NO TOWN) They’ll tell you where to send the fan letters. Please make sure that the fan letters are short cause I’ll be handwriting them. Each fan letter is directed only to one member. Your fan base admins will facilitate this. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them. ^_^

Second part: Congratulatory/Christmas Gift
And our gift to each member is a Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack. Each fanbase has chosen a color for their members but it still depends on the availability of the color. Since the boys will be travelling a lot (BB Tokyo Dome Tour Front Acts and simultaneous Korea and Japan promotions), we’ve decided to go with backpacks. Shirts, sweaters and stuff like those are common so we thought a backpack is a unique gift. And also, accessories and such are hard to catch but backpacks are so huge, no need to confirm that it is our gift cause it’s already so obvious. Each bag would cost around US$115-120 and shipping to Korea depends on the weight of everything we’ll send to them. All-in-all we’ll be collecting $150 each fan base which adds up to US$750. That already includes shipping and other materials we need for the project.

Donation period will be from October 31, 2013 to November 25, 2013.If you’re going to donate please reach me. I will tell you the details.

We have alternative plans if ever we fall short of our target amount.

We hope to send the gifts by the first week of December so it will arrive in Korea in 7-15 days. Depending on the circumstances, of course. That’s why this is also a Christmas gift for the boys. Our first ever gift to them is given during the season of giving, how appropriate.

We hope many people will participate in this event/project. Let’s show our love and support for the boys who’ve worked hard to achieve their dreams and worked their asses of to give us amazing performances. I hope through our gifts they’ll feel loved and gain confidence in themselves. I know they’ll work ten times harder in the future to make sure that they always show their best to us fans. So in return, let’s also show them that we have their back 100%. ^_^

You may reach me here or through Twitter (@jin910926woo)”

Hello A-Team aka WINNER fans! ^_^ Each member’s fanbases have teamed up to create a project to congratulate our A-Team boys therefore the birth of UNITED A-TEAM NATION. Our first project is a to send the boys a Congratulatory and Christmas gift. Here are the details of the project:

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