WINNER’s 4th Mini Album [HOLIDAY]

The return of the must-listen artist, ‘WINNER’ is back!

WINNER has comeback as a whole group with their 4th mini-album [HOLIDAY].

This album comes after 817 days since their last 3rd full album [Remember], and a total of 6 songs of various genres including their title track ‘I LOVE U’ is listed on the album.

Their title-song ‘I LOVE U’ is a song that portrays the heart-pounding feeling of falling in love in an honest way, and is full of WINNER’s distinctive bright and energetic characteristics. In particular, YOON and SONG took part in process of creating lyrics and composition, adding even more completeness and sincerity to the album.

The album is also a proof of WINNER’s broad spectrum of music, with various genres such as hip-hop where rhythmical rapping stands out, POP song with soft vocals, and a dance track where various sounds work in harmony are all included in the tracklist.

Expectations are running high as to what kind of healing WINNER’s [HOLIDAY] will present, as the group has already established themselves as a new ‘genre’ itself.

Lyrics Translations by softboimino
Teasers & Behind the scenes:
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