Seungyoon wins on KBS Immortal Songs Lee Juck Special with new rendition of ‘Rain’

Despite visiting the show for the first time, Seungyoon has won the hearts of the audience making him win the 2nd part of the Lee Juck Special of Immortal Songs!

Kang Seungyoon chose to perform <Rain>, a song from Lee Juck’s first solo album that was released in 1999. Lee Juck described Seungyoon’s performance as a rock musical and complimented Seungyoon as a musician with a strong sense of presence who incredibly command the stage on his own.

The Lee Juck Special aired for 2 episodes on June 11 & 18 with an amazing line-up – Huh Gak, Lee Seungyoon, Hanhae, Jung Sewoon, Big Mama’s Lee Jiyoung, Jung-in, Jung Dongha, Parc Jaejung, Ovan, Piano Man, Forte di Quattro, Kwak Jin-eon and a special appearance from Actor Ji Changwook.

Immortal Songs is a music competition show that airs every Saturday. It is hosted by a comedian, Shin Dong Yeob. Singers compete for a trophy by singing the legend’s songs and the audience votes for the winner every round.

Guest singers are seated in a waiting room with the hosts, where they introduce themselves to viewers. The order of performances is decided randomly by presenter Shin Dong-yup drawing a ball containing the performer’s name, and the audience vote after each round for their favorite performance. The performer with the most votes on the episode wins.

Viu & Wikipedia

Seungyoon Cut with English Subs

Episode 559 – Lee Juck Special Part 1

Streaming links of full episode with English subs:

Episode 559 – Lee Juck Special Part 2

Streaming links of full episode with English subs:

Photos/SNS Updates

One of the topics from the waiting room is the “rivalry” of Kang Seungyoon with Superstar K2 winner Huh Gak and Sing Again 1 winner Lee Seungyoon (who coincidentally has the same name as his!).

Watch the original SSK2 stand-off below and the High Kick 3 spoof HERE.

Kang Seungyoon also previously challenged and successfully won over SSK2 2nd placer John Park on 2019 singing show Chart Rewriting Show which you can watch with English subs in the link below!

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