Seungyoon is an ‘Angel Musician’ on Channel A’s Audition Program, Youth Star (Stars Awakening)

Channel A ‘Youth Star’ is a super-large audition where young stars of this era are born amid the competition and solidarity of the K-Pop universe that is divided into three parts. It is attracting attention in that it is an audition program created by the production crew of ‘Heart Signal,’ which caused a sensation at the time of the broadcast.

Kang Seungyoon revealed that he decided to appear on the show with the suggestion of singer Yoon Jong Shin. He shared, “When I appeared on the audition program, I understood how important the advice and guidance of the mentors were and it helped me a lot as well.” 

The show seeks contestants in three categories: the ‘idol’ category, the ‘singer/song-writer’ category, and the ‘vocal’ category.

In each category, ‘Youth Star’ is looking for these four factors and talents to make it as the next generation K-Pop star: visuals, performance, song-writing, and vocals. According to the teaser above, the ‘idol’ category places greater emphasis on visuals and performance, while the ‘singer/song-writer’ category places more emphasis on song-writing or composing. Similar to the ‘idol’ category, the ‘vocal’ category places strong emphasis on visuals and vocals.

Meanwhile, ‘Youth Star’ will pit together a total of 109 contestants through a series of survival rounds, including 48 in the ‘idol’ category, 30 in the ‘singer/song-writer’ category, and 31 in the ‘vocal’ category.

Source: Allkpop


Kang Seungyoon
Audition’s Best Output

[220519] Live Press Con

Full Episode (Raw/Unsubbed)

Photos/SNS Updates

Source: Channel A’s Naver Post

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