Actress Kim Heesun shares she likes WINNER songs and is a fan of Seungyoon

In the behind-the-scene interview of Kim Heesun for Vogue Korea, the actress expressed her admiration for Kang Seungyoon. She shared that she currently likes WINNER songs. She said she’s a fan of Seungyoon and thinks he sings really well. She also added that Seungyoon will be a main character in one of the episodes of her upcoming drama, ‘Tomorrow’ and that acting on it (with him) became nicer/better.

You can watch the interview on Youtube here.

Following this confession, Kim Shinyoung asked Seungyoon his reaction about it during his appearance on Hope Song at Noon radio show which aired on March 21st.

Few days after, on March 24th, together with the main cast of MBC drama ‘Tomorrow’, it was Kim Heesun’s turn to appear on Hope Song at Noon. The DJ shared that Seungyoon came on the show few days ago and said a lot of good things about her. She responded that she saw the articles and saw clips of the interview. In addition, she said that she was able to directly meet him as a fan through shooting the drama, that they had many scenes together, mostly emotional ones. She complimented Seungyoon for having a good personality and that pleasantly surprised her. Kim Shinyoung added that they both surprised each other.

Seungyoon is set to make a special appearance on upcoming MBC drama ‘Tomorrow’ starring Kim Heesun, SF9’s Rowwon, Lee Soohyuk and Yoon Ji-on.

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