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Kang Seungyoon plays GUESS YOON’S ANSWERS on Twitter

What if Seungyoon is IC’s lover? Find the IC who knows Kang Seungyoon’s heart the best! BORN TO LOVE💙YOON💙Who is that?🙋

Q1. What is the thing you would most like to do if have a chance to date with Inseo?

A. Stay at home
B. Photography
C. Table tennis

The correct answer from Q1 is B Photography

🐥I want to go & take pictures. The weather is getting really nice and the best place to take pictures. Because of the weather, I can take a pretty picture of u

Q2. What morning song would Seungyoon like to sing for INNER CIRCLEs who suffer from Monday blues?

The correct answer from Q2 is B SKIP

🐥The song I chose is SKIP. (He sings a bit SKIP lyrics). A little bit of Monday blues. With the meaning of “SKIP”, I’ll choose SKIP.

Q3. If INNER CIRCLE says, “I think it was better when we were friends,” what would Seungyoon’s reaction be?

A. Break up because of pride
B. Clinging to tears
C. I will cheer you up with aegyo

The correct answer from Q3 is C I’ll cheer you up with aegyo!!

🐥Let’s not just be friends (aegyo) I will treat you well (aegyo) That’s why, I think I will do aegyo. Let’s not just be friends (aegyo)

Q4. After breaking up with Inseo. What’s Seungyoon’s behavior that you’ll regret the most?

A. Text me “Are you sleeping?” at dawn
B. Click ‘Like’ on SNS posts
C. Ask for a toast recipe that you enjoyed

The correct answer of Q4 is B Click ‘Like’ on SNS posts

🐥Ah if this, click like on SNS. It feels like I pressed it by mistake. The rest options are that I feel like I did it out of regret. This is kind of I think I did it by mistake. I can’t go back. I think I’ll regret it so much.

Q5. What is Seungyoon’s reaction when the food made by INNER CIRCLE’s tastes not good?

A. Adding seasoning while being off guard
B. INNER CIRCLE’s food is delicious & doesn’t matter
C. Tell the truth that it doesn’t taste good

The correct answer of Q5 is B. The food made by INNER CIRCLE is delicious and doesn’t matter.

🐥I must eat it deliciously. It’s delicious💖 You cook well🍳 Continously nyam nyam nyam

Translation by @seungyoonwverse

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