Kang Seungyoon’s 4th Digital Single [BORN TO LOVE YOU]

YOON has come back with his new digital-single ‘BORN TO LOVE YOU’.

‘BORN TO LOVE YOU’ is a song that draws on the emotion of those who had to let go of a loved one, and the feeling of sadness and despair one can feel through the process. It’s a love song that portrays breakups that are difficult to accept, regardless of the beautiful memories of the relationship.

The sad lyrics that go along with the simple sounds of the song evoke sympathy. YOON’s distinctive husky voice and unrivaled tone intensify the emotion, proving his abilities as an artist.

Since YOON had proven his position as a solo-artist by portraying his own story in the previous full album, now is time to show a more mature side of himself with his deep emotions through the digital-single, ‘BORN TO LOVE YOU’.

Teasers & Behind the scenes:
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