Seungyoon makes surprise appearance on Na PD’s Game Caterers x YG Family Special, 2022

Game Caterers is a business trip program with PD Na Young Seok where his team visits entertainment agencies, show filming sets and more, playing games popularized by well-loved variety show “New Journey to the West”. For the 7th & 8th episodes on its second season, Channel Fullmoon’s team visits YG Entertainment!

Episode 7

Episode 7 Teaser

A fun business trip with YG Entertainment!
Everyone from the 1st generation legend to the young bloods are here!
From the surprising twist of the strawberry game to entertainment-born monsters(?) who are unique from the start.^^;;;;

Channel Fullmoon on YouTube
Part 1

Fullmoon’s first!! The person from Guess Who makes a surprise visit?
(Of course) Guess Who is full of apologies and bows!
And Fullmoon Game Lab’s new game is introduced
What will happen to YG Family members who meets the upgraded version of Guess Who?

Channel Fullmoon on YouTube
Part 2 (Seungyoon appears)

Episode 8

Episode 8 Teaser

YG family comes together in unity to succeed in Guess Who!
The one who forgot to yell out ‘Wrong’, the one who lost track of the order, the logic king etc
How will the chaotic Guess Who with these unprecedented characters end?

Channel Fullmoon on YouTube
Part 1 (Seungyoon appears)

A YG concert is held during a music quiz?
They will not stop dancing until the music ends★
The dance has become more important than the answer in this music quiz

Channel Fullmoon on YouTube
Part 1

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