Team YOONited Fan Support Projects for KSY March 14 Comeback!

Stan World | Fundraising | TeamYOONited

After almost one year, Seungyoon is releasing new music this March 14! With this, the regional KSY fanbases have launched various donation drives to promote and support the upcoming comeback.

Stan World Event

Stan World is a Fandom Party World (app) where fans can party & win rewards for their stars. Fans/users collect points to win ads (YouTube/digital/LED/subway) for their idols!

Led by @KSY_Streaming, this fan project started since February and has already earned us 2-day YouTube ads + 1 Seoul Subway ST ad for FREE!

As of this writing, a new event is ongoing and the fan bases are aiming to get 10M points for Seungyoon to get the following (again for FREE):

  • 70,000 krw of donation under Seungyooon’s name
  • YouTube Ad
  • Pillar Digital Poster (stations in Seoul)
  • Giant Screen Ad
How to participate? Follow these tutorial provided by @KSY_Streaming

In-app points

  1. Download Stan World app and create your own avatar.
  2. Choose Seungyoon as your ultimate star and event star.
  3. Check-in every 30 mins to earn 500 points.
  4. Share your account link.
  5. Join Streaming & Chat Parties opened by Ambassador/Co-creator/Mods in Party Rooms to earn additional points.

Twitter points

  1. Use the necessary hashtags in your tweets and you will earn points (#STANWORLD + #SEUNGYOON).
  2. Join the hashtag events by fan bases to boost the points.

Stan World | Fundraising | TeamYOONited

Fundraising Projects

You can directly donate to country-wise fan bases or support through the links they provided respectively. For fans from countries without a dedicated fanbase, we would highly recommend donating directly to DCKSY Gallery efforts. They are the primary South Korean Kang Seungyoon fanbase.

Please dm the country fan bases for further details on how you can contribute. Chinese fans can directly approach @KSY_Bar. There is also a separate effort for fundraising for streaming & voting. Thanks!

South Korea | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Indonesia | Malaysia | YouTube

DCKSY Gallery, S.Korea

Donate money towards PR (including YouTube ads), streaming (all platforms) via their Paypal account:
(mention in Paypal transaction comments towards which of the 2 initiatives you want the funds to be used)

KSY Bar, China

They have recently launched new cute & pretty fan-made mask sets!

For more details on how to purchase or make a GO, kindly DM them on Twitter.

Always KSY, Philippines

Donation drive is now open! Find details on:

Seungyoon Indonesia

The fanbase will use the donations for YouTube ads, Instagram ads, LED ads (in Jakarta) as well as Melon & Genie streaming passes giveaways.

Donation Drive Form:

My Seungyoon, Malaysia

Donation form & details of transfer: Link

All the funds will be used for YOUTUBE ADS for MV views. (To MYICs who want to donate to DCKSY but doesn’t have PayPal, you can DM them or fill in the form from the same link.)

Kang Seungyoon, Vietnam

The fanbase has opened a fund drive too. Visit their Facebook page for more details: Link

Kang 아지, Thailand

The fanbase has already collected funds for streaming and download. As of writing, they are asking donations for YouTube & Instagram ads.

Donation form: Link



This fundraising is divided into 2 categories: Streaming (Melon & Genie) and Voting (Mubeat, Idol Champ, Whosfan & Starpass).

When making a donation pls specify on the note on PAYPAL and GCASH which category you would like to donate to.

Donation & More Details: Link

Stan World | Fundraising | TeamYOONited

Team YOONited

Team YOONited is made up of Seungyoon and WINNER fan bases across the globe:

– We Love Seungyoon (@WeloveSeungyoon)
– DC KSY, South Korea (@DCKSYgallery)
– Baidu KSY Bar, China (@KSY_Bar)
– Kang 아지, Thailand (@kang_a_jii)
– Kang Seung Yoon Vietnam (@kangseungy8nVN)
– Always KSY Philippines(@AlwaysKSY_PH)
– Seungyoon Indonesia (@ksyforINA)
– My Seungyoon, Malayasia (@myseungyoon)
– Arab KSY (@ArabKsy)
– Seungyoon Brasil (@ksyoonbrasil)
– WINNER Philippines (@WINNERPHYG)
– GIC Voting & Streaming (@ICWinnerSupport)

– Wild Boys 민윤 (@WildBoysMinYoon)
– INSEONESIA (@rempongcircle)
– TeamWINNER Brasil (@TeamWINNERBR1)
– Innercircle Canada (@CInnercircle)
– WINNER India (@india_winner)
– Innercircle Hashtag Team (@ICHashtagTeam)
– WINNER YouTube (@WinnerYouTubeT1)
– Yoon Voting & Streaming (@Seungyoonteam)
– WINNER France (@Winner_France)
– WINNER Philippines (@YGwinnerPH)

Stan World | Fundraising | TeamYOONited

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