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Relive [YOON: PASSAGE], Seungyoon has proven to be the captain in first solo concert!

Seungyoon packed his first solo concert “YG PALM STAGE – 2021 YOON : PASSAGE” with 30 songs in 3 hours. A short time to encompass his 10 years as a singer-songwriter, he proved himself the captain for sure.


WINNER Kang Seungyoon completely stole the hearts of global music fans with his ever-changing stage and sincere sound. The overwhelming power of the ‘captain’, who has become the ‘thief of hearts’ of the fans, made it clear why many people have no choice but to love him ‘instinctively’.

Kang Seungyoon successfully completed his first solo concert ‘YG PALM STAGE – 2021 YOON: PASSAGE’, which was held on the 21st of November. It was the highlight of Kang Seungyoon’s music journey, which has been running non-stop for 10 years, a concert that instilled new confidence in his future path.

โ—‡Ballad, Rock, Dance, ‘Explosive Show’ of 30 Songs in 3 Hours

Kang Seungyoon made an explosive show for nearly 3 hours with a set list of 30 songs that day and plunged fans into excitement. He opened the show with ‘It Rains’, ‘HEY RAIN’ and ‘BRUISE’, then changed the atmosphere in an instant and heated up the stage with dynamic dance performances.

Kang Seungyoon’s sophisticated dance lines radiating from a cool proportion created an explosive synergy with the dancers. His singing ability, which does not waver despite the intense choreography, is also a highlight. He quickly transformed into a rock star, giving his fans the thrill, both online and offline, by freely crossing the ceiling-piercing vocal range with his unique powerful vocals.

โ—‡ Sensational Stage Production + Arrangement, Completion of Kang Seungyoon’s Narrative

The sensational stage production and well-structured composition completed the discography narrative that Kang Seungyoon has written so far. He communicated with fans by using various sets such as stairs and lifts, and enhanced his immersion with his delicate expressions that fit his songs.

The unique arrangement and rich sound of the live band harmonized with Kang Seungyoon’s energy and shined even more. In addition, the joint stages with fellow WINNER member Song Minho and special guest Gummy impressed and touched the hearts of the audience.

โ—‡ Another ‘Captain’ INNERCIRCLE, Impressed by mature viewing culture

The finale of the concert was WINNER’s music, which is nothing less than Kang Seungyoon’s identity. He continued to make eye contact with the fans, led the stage as the ‘captain’ and swept the stage with WINNER’s songs medley to repay the love of another ‘captain’ INNERCIRCLE.

Kang Seungyoon said, “There isn’t much time left for the hyungs until they are discharged from doing their military duty. I am very much looking forward to the activities of WINNER as a whole.” He said, “If you wait a little longer, I will see you with WINNER’s album.”.

He continued, “From now on, Kang Seungyoon can only exist because of all of you. Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world today.”

Source: KpopHerald | topstarnews

๐Ÿ””Delayed Streaming for Online Viewers๐Ÿ””

– 2021.11.27 SAT 8PM (KST)
– 2021.11.28 SUN 2PM (KST)
– Livestream on VENEWLIVE
– Buy Access @ weverseshop

Follow the journey through watching the concert live in flesh by our adorable field reporter, Admin R!

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