Global Fan Support for Seungyoon’s 1st Solo Concert

Let’s make Kang Seung Yoon ‘s 1st Solo Concert, YOON: PASSAGE to be held on Nov 21, 2021 extra special !! Calling fans around the world to join in the support!

The regional KSY fanbases have come together under TEAM YOONITED for this beautiful event ! The fan events for the day:

  • Banner Event: Hand-held Slogans for fans attending the onsite concert (& e-copies for online concert goers) to show our love for KSY during the concert!
  • Streetlight Banners: Cover the streetlights near the venue with Banners of KSY !

YG permissions have been got & banner slots have been booked! It’s now time for you to support the events!

Donate any amount via PayPal to:

Also don’t forget to buy your tickets for the concert! Details in post below

Team YOONited:

– We Love Seungyoon (@WeloveSeungyoon)
– DCKSY Gallery (@DCKSYgallery)
– KSY Bar (@KSY_Bar)
– Kang 아지, Thailand (@kang_a_jii)
– Kang Seung Yoon Vietnam (@kangseungy8nVN)
– Always KSY Philippines(@AlwaysKSY_PH)
– Seungyoon Indonesia (@ksyforINA)
– WN4_IC Japan (@wn4_icjp)

Seungyoon’s first solo concert ‘PASSAGE’ is happening this November 21st!

Teaser Behind the Scenes Source: Naver Post Seungyoon’s Message to INNERCIRCLE Hello, INNERCIRCLEs! I’m so excited and happy when I think about being able to let the fans listen to my music and have fun together after such a long time. I’m working hard to prepare a variety of different genres to show you guys […]

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