Global Fan Support for Seungyoon’s 1st Solo Concert


Officially closing the recent series of fan projects by disclosing the summary of donations, contributions & expenses~

Remaining funds with us will be used in maintaining this website ( and for upcoming/new projects~

Again, thank you so much for trusting us~!


Follow Admin R & A’s exciting journey attending Seungyoon’s first ever solo concert in Seoul, Korea brought to you by WLSY News!


The regional KSY fanbases have come together under TEAM YOONITED for a beautiful event, to make Kang Seungyoon ‘s 1st Solo Concert, YOON: PASSAGE held on Nov 21, 2021 extra special !!! The fan events for the day:

Banner Event: Hand-held Slogans for fans attending the onsite concert (& e-copies for online concert goers) to show our love for KSY during the concert!

Streetlight Banners: Cover the streetlights near the venue with Banners of KSY !

LED Candle & Phone Light Events: A surprise change up of the mood while Seungyoon serenades during the concert!

Dress Code: Match up with fellow ICs themed with [PAGE]’s concept colors !

Fanbases’ Giveaways: Fanbases’ thanksgiving gifts !

YG permissions have been gotten & banner slots have been booked! It’s now time for you to support the events!

Donate any amount via PayPal to:

Team YOONited:

– We Love Seungyoon (@WeloveSeungyoon)
– DCKSY Gallery (@DCKSYgallery)
– KSY Bar (@KSY_Bar)
– Kang 아지, Thailand (@kang_a_jii)
– Kang Seung Yoon Vietnam (@kangseungy8nVN)
– Always KSY Philippines(@AlwaysKSY_PH)
– Seungyoon Indonesia (@ksyforINA)
– WN4_IC Japan (@wn4_icjp)

Also don’t forget to buy your tickets for the concert! Details in post below

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