[ENGSUB] Winner’s fun-filled guesting on Video Star Ep 124, 2018

Exposé after exposé & Team Kills galore! WINNER go all out having fun & teasing each other on VIDEO STAR broadcast on MBC on Christmas 2018 for the release of their single MILLIONS !

“Scandals” ranging from SexiestOne to Plagiarism to Birth secrets to Stingy-ness to Couple games & Almost-Kisses abound in this brilliantly fun guesting which will leave you with your stomach hurting from all the laughter!

[ENGSUB] VideoStar EP 124 + Extra Clips

Premiere’s on Aug 17, 2021, 10 PM KST for all to watch !

Links: YouTube || Dailymotion Part1, Part 2

Subs by INNEOsubs:
Translators: @4winnr aria @candle_shoo Lilo @maran1025 @minoagain @pocky_lia @softboimino @translate_DCKSY @WINNERwhims @winsujuwu

Subbers: @em20for @jp14hana @kangseungy8nVN @kerilnuna @kkangjenny @misimiii @nebula156 @ningtiyass @TooMuchie & WLSY Team

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