KkangD returns on MBC FM4U Kim Shinyoung’s Hope Song at Noon as Special DJ, July 2021

Filling in for Kim Shinyoung who is away for a vacation, Seungyoon leads the July 5th episode of MBC FM4U Hope Song at Noon as a Special DJ! He started the show calling himself the “nephew” of MBC Radio not its “son”, further explaining that he has a deep connection with the department that whenever its DJs feel exhausted and wants to take a break, he’s often given the opportunity to temporarily substitute them even just for a day. He also shares that he’s done a lot of programs scheduled at night and it feels different doing one right now when its still bright like it’s the first time.

Check out the full episode (without subs) of KkangD with guest Yoo Jaehwan below!

Full Episode (Raw)

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