Watch Seungyoon’s first filming interview as Genius Cyber Agent Han Woo Joo on Voice 4!


<Voice 4> is the fourth season of popularly known OCN original crime-thriller drama series, “Voice”! It will have 14 episodes which will be aired every Fridays & Saturdays at 10:50PM KST starting on June 18th! Unlike the previous seasons, the new installment will air for the first time on tvN! OCN & tvN are both under CJ ENM.

“Voice,” which aired its first season in 2017, revolves around an emergency call center and the employees who attempt to fight crime using the limited information they get from the urgent calls they receive. The upcoming season will pit the Golden Time Team against a vicious murderer with extraordinary hearing abilities that rival their own.

A serial killer with an enhanced hearing ability appears. The serial killer murders people using his enhanced ability. Because of this, Kang Kwon-Joo (Lee Ha-Na), who also has an enhanced hearing ability, is driven into a corner. Kang Kwon-Joo cooperates with Detective Derek Jo (Song Seung-Heon) to catch the serial killer. Derek Jo is a person of principal, who doesn’t allow mistakes. He is a team leader from the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). His LAPD team dealt with criminal gangs.

Meanwhile Kang Kwon-Joo has suffered from PTSD since the death of Do Kang-Woo (from Season 2 & 3), but she still carries out her duties as the the leader of the emergency 112 call center.


The drama will be led by Song Seung Heon and Lee Ha Na who were previously confirmed to be starring in the upcoming season together with Kang Seungyoon and Son Eun Soo. It will be directed by Yong Hwi and written by Ma Jin Won.

Watch the drama legally with subtitles on the following streaming sites (TBA):

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Han Woo Joo’s Character Profile

Han Woo Joo (Kang Seung Yoon)

| Bimo Province Police Agency’s Golden Time Team Member

A 4D patrol officer that was specially recruited to be a cyber team member!

Hailing from three generations of engineers, he’s been in the spotlight for having incredible intellect. However, rumour has it that he abandoned his PhD studies as he valued a work-life balance.

He first felt the fun of cyber investigation as he solved a case of illegal distribution of adult webtoons with just one finger. But no matter how serious a case is, he makes sure to always leave the office on time.

He’s the final boss of being an individualist/free spirit…

After joining the Golden Time team and listening to the desperate pleas of the victims, he realises for the first time the sense of duty he has to have to be a real police officer. This 4D character is in a dilemna over how to get a sense of duty he doesn’t have.

Intro | Characters | Making & Interviews | Teasers

Making & Interview with English Subtitles

Special thanks to @4winnr & WLSY Team for the subs

Alternative Link: GDrive

Intro | Characters | Making & Interviews | Teasers

Teaser Posters

Intro | Characters | Making & Interviews | Teasers

Teaser Videos

Intro | Characters | Making & Interviews | Teasers

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