Seungyoon guests on Mnet’s TMI News on May 26th + performs IYAH on Magazine Live

Seungyoon will be on Ment’s TMI News Wednesday, May 26 at 8PM KST! On his episode, they will talk about the chart for:

  1. Lovestar Couples
  2. Lovestar Married Couples

TMI News is a South Korean news-variety-chart show on Kpop idol that airs on Mnet. The “TMI” in the show’s name stands for Thursday Mnet Idol. In each episode, one or two topics are discussed, and idols (or programs/situations/places/songs) are ranked according to the topic. Aside from the main MCs (Jun Hyunmoo & Jang Doyeon), the show invites idols to join the panel to discuss the topics and rankings.


Bookmark this page for more updates about the show + video cuts once it airs.

TMI News Magazine Live

Ahead of the episode’s broadcast, TMI News Magazine Live releases the live performance of IYAH! Watch Seungyoon’s amazing stage as usual below.

Full Episode (Raw)

-coming soon-

Photos/SNS Updates

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