“17-year old Seungyoon” tells ODG kids that he’s going to be on Superstar K

Seungyoon drops by popular YouTube channel ODG which features some of the cutest and purest kids you could ever meet! The episode takes us back some time in 2010 with “Seungyoon’s 17-year-old self” asking the ODG kids how he’d do if he were to join an audition program called Superstar K. The kids then accessed his singing with the live acoustic version of IYAH on the spot, telling him he got what it takes to become a star – a wonderful voice, talent in playing the guitar, good personality, good looks and self-esteem! Also, check out what the kids had to say to haters on the video embedded below!

ODG creates video content that lets kids speak on subjects that make adults think, makes kids think about themselves, and show kids reacting to or conversing with adults.

Full Episode with English Subs

Photos/SNS Updates

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